How it all came together

Union Square is a place dear to my heart and one among the coolest neighborhoods in NYC..

It is where I stumbled across my first yoga class, it is where I completed my training to become a Yoga teacher, it is the home of my favorite yoga studio in the world and it is where some of my most beloved people on this planet reside.

I have always contemplated the idea of substituting Union Square to Yoga Square because of the number of Yoga studios it holds per cubic block and obviously because Yoga means Union. I realize though it might be a long shot to get the city of New York to agree. One can only dream!

Union Square is a place of vibrancy and connection and affluence and originality. It is a hub of connectedness and convergence and the central nervous system of downtown NY. It is a place with an incredible amount of buzzing energy, a place for sweet gatherings. a place to play, relax, observe, be anything you want to be or simply be. Farmers, artists, skaters, bums, old people, young people, yoga people, brooklynite hipsters, manhattanite fashionistas, latinos con latinas, war veterans, and a whole bunch of crazy specimens….a place where people from different walks of life seem to harmoniously intertwine no mater what their individual story is.

From all this, came the inspiration to create locally, a space infused with the paradigm to come together. Come together as in body, mind and soul ….become whole, become one. Come together as in “for f***’s sake stop engaging in war, already and come together”. Come together in regards to the environment, car pool and reduce pollution.  Come together as in a place of reunion. Come together as a tribute to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Joe Cocker, Eurythmics and the power that music has to bring people together.

A space located not too far from Bethlehem street on the same street as a mosque and a church.

Your new studio is UNION SQUARE YOGA in the heart of Beirut city and it opens its arms as of Wednesday May 8.

Check map for directions.

(Click  on image to enlarge)


UNION SQUARE YOGA is the fruit of a collective effort in making things happen. I don’t mean to sound like I am giving a speech at the Oscars  but from the depth of my soul and the bottom of my heart thank you to:

Ana and Sherif Aoun for their trust, enthusiasm and generosity of heart. They are the coolest landlords, the best facilitators ever and the kindest friends one can dream of having.

Philippe Ghabayen for his mean talent as a graphic designer, for his support as a friend and his eagerness to see the space come to life, for his ability to team play and respond to my silly demands. He is the man behind our new identity, logo and signage and if the new class cards make you dream he is the wicked one to be held responsible.(Check out his blog by clicking on his name)

All of my students who constantly encourage, support and believe in me, if only with smiles and kind words. You are the reason I can keep going like a madwoman.

The DisFUNctional five who listened to my daily ramblings and kept reassuring me it would be OK.

My friends and family because of all the love they shower me with.

The universe for aligning events and people and circumstances and timings to perfection.

Last but not least I want to thank Yann Charaoui, my favorite person on this planet who luckily happens to be the love of my life, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.


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