FRIDAYS as of June 14th / 9:00 am to 10:30 am 

Register the night before or up until 1/2 an hour prior to time of class / + 961 502 123 

“Coming together” is the motto of Union Square which also means inviting teachers from different walks of life, backgrounds and disciplines to grace us with all that they know.
Last week, Layal joined the USY group and enchanted us with her “not a manic monday” morning class.  Effective this week,  we are adding another morning yummy weekly class on Fridays, taught by Maya Abou Chedid.
YOGATHY (The science of Hatha and Therapy Yoga) The path to renewing, restoring and healing has now landed at Union Square because we know oh so well that in a world of constant overwork and over stimulus, it is imperative to find a meditative sanctuary. a blend of Hatha yoga and Therapy Yoga that will embark you on an inward healing journey and give you at least an hour and a half a week when you are completed cared for. Strengthening, restorative and meditative movements mixed with breath awareness will leave you in the zone. Whether you are recovering from an illness, suffer from nagging pains or just need to be treated with TLC and ancient wisdom, this class is for you.

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