Brave Hearts Give


To all of you Brave Hearts out there,

Don’t know about you but the tick of the clock is getting louder and louder. Six days left before the big one and we are still counting on your massive attendance. If youhaven’t bought your tix yet, easiest way to get them is through one of our sponsor presella (, or at Union Square
You can also check the event’s Facebook page for more info about anything and everything.

Since I have you here, a few updates to keep yourself in the loop and a few reminders for a smooth ride on the day of the event.

On WEDNESDAY JUNE 19 / 9:00 am

Radio Nostalgie FM 88.1 will be hosting Joumana from the Brave Heart fund and myself for an interview about the event. Tune in!


Class will start at 10 am super duper sharp, so please, please, please, make sure to arrive no later than 9:30 am, yes, half an hour in advance! We are talking, an endless field of grass and quite a number of enthusiastic yogis. By the time, you chat with the dozens of people you will inevitably be bumping into, figure out where the restrooms are, make sure you are good with the location of your mat, I can assure you half an hour is barely enough. Plus the first moments of class are so defining to the rest of your practice you really don’t want to miss out on them.

Yoga teachers will be all around the field to help you setup up your mat and make sure your experience runs smoothly. Hint: look for the same white tee shirt that says: “Brave Hearts Give” (attached photo)

A yoga mat, sunscreen, a towel and a big fat smile.

We were trying to organize a separate area for those of you interested in bringing their little broods to the event. It turns out our initiative will not be as successful as we had anticipated simply because different moms had mixed feelings about it, so we decided to leave it up to you. All we ask is that you be mindful of others like we are and gauge whether your kids will be able to sit through 2 hours of class without disrupting anyone’s peace including yours.

Please enter through the gate facing the seaside at the “Charles Hostler student Center” (not from bliss street).

There is a parking lot, first or second right after the seaside main gate, if you are coming from the south side of the street.

There will be more updates as we go along. In the meantime please do not hesitate to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have by posting comments on this page or emailing

This whole endeavor is to honor the beauty of yoga and experience the healing and transformative power of alignment, movement, breath and most potent of them all: the power of intention.
Miraculous change happens when people with common interests work together towards common causes, and give back in the spirit of Seva (selfless service). More than your financial contribution, your presence is needed and appreciated. We hope to see you there as we weave our collective threads to learn, share, connect and celebrate while dancing and devoting, connecting and expanding, having fun and just being.

Bless up.


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