I am all moved out of my old flat and settled into the new one, what feels like a million years later.
Nothing beats a home shared with a loved one but this is a different story I will one day tell. For now, seeing that Yoga is everywhere even in our most trivial life stories, I thought CREATING SPACE would be a good focus for this week.

I am sure you know that the environment in which you live or work in, affects who you become. Your physical space can either be cluttered; keeping you in a state of disharmony or it can be put together in a way that supports you in every imaginable way, so that when you enter that space, you feel at peace. The “aaaaah!-How-glad-I-am-the-day-is-over-and-now-I-get-to-nest-in-my-lovely-coccoon” factor.
My years of experience as a designer gave me one talent: Knowing how to maximize space and have taught me it has nothing to do with the size of anything. In this case, size does so not matter. You can make a rat hole feel like a mansion or a yoga mat in a crowded room feel like a magic carpet. And do you know what the secret to that is? Putting things in the right place.

The vinyasa practice’s concept is placing the body in an organized manner, stacking bones and joints and muscles with consciousness and awareness while breathing every step of the way. The reason you feel spacious after class is because you have reorganized your inner space (body/mind/soul/heart) to receive new energy, new insight, new information and new ideas.

The metaphor of the torn sofa might helps illustrate my point. As a designer, if I see someone living with a torn or ratty sofa, which in itself holds a negative energy they are living with on a daily basis: the scarcity issue, right? This sofa reflects the idea in that person’s consciousness that they can’t replace or repair so called sofa because they cannot afford it. The yogic thing to do would be to remove the sofa altogether so that the client can dream of its replacement. This simple action allows holding the space for more abundance in the mind, as opposed to a mental state of “there is not enough”

Energy is a sucker for void, and when you create one in the shape of your ultimate goals, such as abundance, partnership, prosperity, love, soaring to new heights, the doors to your life better be solid because as they open, energy starts to flood in, but if you are still engaged in the same patterns or habits that got you where you are now, and are keeping you stuck there, then you are not allowing for new possibilities to take place because you have not made room for them.

Our yoga practice is all about just that: creating new energy to replace the old stale one. But you can only do it if you are willing to let go of something. That’s what it means to create space.

Let go of one thing today!

Danielle Abissab


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