THE HOVER CRAFT SERIES ~ Take a hand at arm balancing

Hover craft flyer

Union Square Yoga has the pleasure to bring you the Hovercraft series. A three-part arm balancing yoga workshop with Dee Elnajjar/ Saturdays Aug 3 / 10 and 17 / 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

We know as teachers that many people often shy away from arm balancing and inversions forms. If they have tried them before or tried and failed, they might feel reluctant when these poses are called out in class and start to nourish the “not in this lifetime” attitude born form the unshakable thought that they will never be able to assume these postures. Too scary, too hard, too old, not strong enough…a plethora of mental excuses, all valid but truly unnecessary. Remember that what you think is what you get.
Get off the merry go round of limiting thinking and give yourself a chance at something more while having fun. Practicing yoga is not about assuming the full expression of the pose, but rather to take the long road; which allows for plenty of play along the way.
Whether you are new to yoga or well into your practice, Dee will definitely unleash your inner ninja and help demystify every pose you thought was not for you by making it accessible and helping you understand the principles behind them.
C’mon take a hand at arm balancing.


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