YES TWO WAYS ABOUT IT ~ With a little help from my friends

Two ways about it

Danielle Abisaab introduces Dee Elnajjar in a partner yoga workshop / Saturday July 27 / 10:00 to 12:30 pm / UNION SQUARE YOGA

In this workshop, Danielle and Dee join forces to help you build trust and open new channels of communication. Discover aspects of yourself that are truly expressed through the help of a friend while improving your own body mechanics and your relationship skills. Breathing and flowing together, giving and receiving on the mat will ease, balance and deepen your compassion, sensitivity and love in all your relationships as you step off the mat back into your life. Experience a variety of partner yoga forms. Immerse yourself in giggles, celebrate and honor each other’s uniqueness while connecting with the one spirit that unites you. Whether you show up alone or with someone, do it with one intention: to come together.

Pre- registration required: email


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