FOCUS OF THE WEEK II: Vinyasa of life (July 22/ 13)


This quote punctuates the end of the week beautifully and summarizes the true meaning of what was our focus this past week (THE VINYASA OF LIFE). Just like asana is best expressed in the way it feels within, rather than the way you look in it, life too should be lived or created with concern for how it feels rather than how it appears to be.
The perfect formula of life is one that is lived from the inside out as per the following causal sequence: BE > FEEL > THINK > DO > HAVE. However most people will try and live it from the outside in. They will try to HAVE first, in order to be able to DO which will then allow them to FEEL all of which they THINK will give them a sense at BEING.

When you do that, you create ego and by extension suffering, you start to label yourself. “I have this much and I did this and that and it made me feel so and so and I have become this way or the other way” When your entry point in the way you sequence your life is to HAVE, that same life becomes but a pile of problems which grow bigger and bigger because you are further away from the “I am”, plain and simple “I am”

One thing to understand is that life’s events, possessions, having, doing, thinking and emotions cannot be really controlled by you. They are the consequences of everything external. However, the one thing you can actually control is BEING because it is an unshakable reality, undeniable truth. This is how you came to life after all…by being.
You are!… and there are no two ways about it until you are no more, until you die.

So if BEING becomes your starting point, you can somehow control your life, because it is powered by the strongest force in existence: The essence of being.

You see how simple things can be if only we are willing to shift our awareness.


Take things, shuffle them around a bit, put them in a different order and you end up with a different philosophy.

From BE to HAVE is the key peeps, not the other way around.


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