The world needs unf*#@ing

unfuck the worldNot only am I convinced we can each make a difference in the world but I also feel very strongly about the fact we have to start doing it. It is very easy to talk about the state of the planet, to be appalled by the injustices we may be subject to, to criticize people who throw stuff out of the window, to scream at others for being monumental retards, to bash the government for its inefficiency…all these things we verbally put out there, are not actually changing anything, they are borderline making things worse as they are a constant reminder of how frustrated we are. How about we substitute the “they should” and “why don’t they” with “I will” and “I want to”.
Let’s take matters into our own hand and instead of complaining, propose and solve.
We broke it, let’s fix it.

Danielle Abisaab


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