(Fabric pattern, ilium and sacrum bone by Jorge Fernando González)

Sacrum comes from the Latin word “sacer” meaning “sacred.” The sacred sacrum or as I like to call it The superhero of Boneville, both ways my favorite bone in the human body.

…makes sense since this bone was considered a holy bone. It was also believed that the sacrum could not be destroyed and that it was the part of the body that would allow someone to rise from the dead.
1- Sacrum: The doorway to the heavens and the center of the divine body.

Physically, the sacrum is a curved bone; which consists of five fused vertebrae and what used to be our tail now reduced to what we know as our tailbone. This triangular shaped bone is the foundation of our spine as it roots and supports the entire spinal column.
When we stand in proper alignment, the force of gravity passes down through the center, right into our ankles and feet making the sacrum the literal center of gravity in the body.
2- Sacrum: the focal point of our relationship to the ground, the body and a general state of balance.

So there are both human and divine qualities to this bone, as it also connects the lower half of our body to the upper half. It is seen as a place of transformation, where the union of upper and lower, of above and below, of the divine and the human occurs…metaphorically I like to call it “the brewery for balance”.

The seat of the second chakra: Svadhisthana is the sacrum and it is the gateway into the portion of our consciousness associated with reproduction.
Through the act of creating or supporting life, we embody both human and divine qualities, and when this chakra is out of balance, we loose touch with our divinity and the human qualities take over. Our desires start to dominate us and force us to seek satisfaction through the senses: sex, food, material possessions, strong sensations, violence, anger etc…

Terrorists for example, have a major imbalance in their second Chakra as they are light years away from being in touch with the wonder of life present in all of us. As funny as this will sound but I bet you most of them probably suffer from lower back pain.

It is no secret that most of our lower back issues are rooted in this ‘sacred’ area, and did you know that for the vast majority of back pain cases, a specific physiological cause or source will never be identified. Have we veered so far from the source and are we so focused on getting ahead to reach our goals and ideals that our back, the sacrum, our root and center, has fallen into the dark, the veiled, the unconscious?

May we always remember our humanity without ever forgetting our divinity and may we always revere the necessity of balancing heaven and earth, the sacred and the corporeal within ourselves. May we be the best of who we are meant to be without ever harming ourselves or another.

Can you hear me car bomber?

Be safe everyone. Be love.


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