artArtwork by Michele Abeles – Whitney Museum

So as I am walking back home yesterday, late evening, lost in my wandering thoughts, a girl holding two huge boxes of pizza while standing in front of her building asks me with a drunken voice: are you coming in? It was clear she needed something so I asked: do you need something? She’s all wobbly and her eyes haggard. She mumbles a faint yes and something about not being able to find her keys. Naturally I offer to hold the pizza boxes so she could reach down her big and busy bag to get to her keys. What came next was the most surprised expression I have ever seen on someone’s face followed by a “are you for real?”
I laughed and said it’s nothing. She then proceeds to say how I am the nicest stranger she has ever met and how unusual it is to find that in NY. She asks me what my age was which I found to be very odd of a question, and without taking the time to hear the answer she tells me I look 22 – We will blame it on her blurry vision due to the million shots of tequila she probably downed at the corner bar– At that point she’s already halfway through the door going all thank-you-thank-you-fuck-thank-you on me.
I walked away with a big smile, extremely amused with her enthusiasm. I had just lent a hand, and it felt good.
Megan if you are out there and happen to stumble on this, know that there are plenty of good strangers out there. Be one too.

— at 18th street and Park Ave.


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