CHANT OF THE WEEK (Nov 18 -13)

chainSA TA NA MA

The entire cycle of life is contained within these four little syllables.SA (Infinity) TA (life) NA (Death) MA (Rebirth) is a key mantra for anyone trying to break an addiction. It is the seed mantra “Sat Nam” which means “Truth is my name” broken into all of its four parts.

When we get trapped in fear, most of us will blindly reach for something familiar that we associate with relief and then wonder why we stay miserable unhappy and dissatisfied. The radical approach of mindfulness practice is to pay attention to what we do and how we cope with anxiety, boredom, depression and life’s curve balls.
Without judgment, we kindly acknowledge what is going on. With time and practice, more time and more awareness, we eventually decide to stop hurting ourselves in the same old ways.

What will you break free from today?


2 thoughts on “CHANT OF THE WEEK (Nov 18 -13)

  1. As mentioned on the phone, your posts often match with what is going on in (egoistically) my life.

    I am grateful for your inspirations A.

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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