scale2SAMATVAM YOGA USHYATE – Baghavad Gita 2.48

Samatvam = Equanimity / Yoga = Union / Ushyate = Resides, lives
When you are steadfast in your yoga practice, and able to abandon all attachment to success or failure, this equanimity of mind is called yoga.

We can all use more balance these days and just like everything else, it cannot be obtained without a certain amount of practice and a commitment to more awareness in our lives.
When you feel overwhelmed, pause and equalize something, anything…Start with your inhale and your exhale. If you find yourself drinking or eating too much, fast the next day, if you’re skimping on your zzzzs, a power nap will help, if you are spending more time in your car than you wish, start walking, if you cannot put up with all the social functions you are invited to, skip one or two….and if you are edgy and snappy because of all of the above, be kind to someone once in a while, and remember that the best and safest way to keep a balance in your life, is to acknowledge the great powers within you.


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