DET-OXY CLEAN by Danielle Abisaab

Where do I start?

The very beginning would be appropriate.

Would it be pushing it if I backtracked all the way to 2008? When I first discovered The Life-co center in Bodrum Turkey, I had set out on a journey to detoxify from the accumulated rubbish having taken over my body. Yes, I know you are probably arguing that of all people, why would I need to go on a detox. Well, even though I had by far gotten over my youthful indiscretions and fallen in the category of the exceedingly boring moderate people who lead a reasonably healthy life with no excesses really, I still thought one cannot get enough spic and span in our day and age. I also wanted to erase the effects of the abuse I inflicted on my body back in my tweens, foolishly thinking I was invincible and strong. Plus, you don’t have to be a druggie with a needle sticking out of your arm or an alcoholic with a failing liver to go on a detox. Truth is we are all in need of a good internal cleansing and scrubbing once in a while. Pollution, water, air, electromagnetic fields, food, additives, chemicals, negative emotions and the main culprit: stress, all act as toxifying sneaky agents and are the main reason for the accelerated demise of the human body.

My experience back in 2008 was flabbergasting and I remember coming back with two words pounding my brain: “clean slate” and one stubborn idea: “I want to organize a yoga /fasting retreat soon”……READ MORE HERE


2 thoughts on “FOCUS OF THE WEEK (JAN 6/14)

  1. That is a perfect idea. Any thoughts on a potential time frame as for me to factor it into my planning?

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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