meditation4SATURDAY MARCH 1 / HISHAM NASR / 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Would you like to acquire a compact, effective and effortless practice of Meditation, Yoga, and Energy healing designed mostly for busy people? Then SEEDS OF BLISS is just for you .

A full classic yoga course which will allow you to learn meditation with PERSONAL MANTRAS (specific sounds) that are chosen specifically to suit each person’s body type according to the ancient Indian classification of Doshas (body types). These mantras will be given to you by a qualified instructor (Hisham himself) according to what suits your nervous system best.  A good analogy would be to compare the effect of colors on different people. Some people may feel relaxed in a room painted red; others may feel it so disturbing. If we are aware of the effect of colors on our nervous systems we may not be that much aware of the subtle effect of sounds and vibrations.
Mantras are syllables of sounds (vibrations) that have no verbal meaning but have enormous relaxing effects on the mind and body. Some people use common mantras (Om,for example) in their meditation HOWEVER using an individual mantra while meditating is far deeper and more effective than any other type of meditation.

The air we breathe is not just a combination of gases. It is a living energy that brings us health and vitality and if the flow of this energy is blocked in any part of your body, disease follows. In SEEDS OF BLISS you will also learn to activate energy through SPECIAL BREATHING TECHNIQUES (pranayama) combined with simple tools to balance the body’s energy which will enable self-healing very similar to Reiki healing techniques.  Breathing deeply and consciously, opens your energy channels and allows you to become your own healer .

There are plenty of yoga postures that are practiced in an open yoga class. In Seeds of Bliss you will learn THE BASIC POSTURES in a compact time frame as part of a daily practice. These postures convey the maximum essence of a full yoga session in minimal time. You will be trained to maintain the perfect practice at home without the supervision of an instructor.

Releasing accumulated stress and learning more about the universal laws of success and prosperity… how to accomplish more with minimal effort by applying these laws in your daily life!
As everything in Life, success has its rules. Learning these rules and acting in accordance to them, makes your goals easier to achieve.  Whatever you are trying to do, stress will make your mission harder to accomplish. In Seeds of Bliss you will learn yogic tricks to deal with challenges skillfully and turn them into a positive Life experience.
No need to wait to enjoy Life anymore. Start now!

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Hisham started practicing yoga and meditation in a young age (in 1995) and met his first personal teacher (guru) in 1997.
Through the guidance of his guru shortly after he met him in 1997,  Hisham started a yoga circle at school alongside three other members all of which  now known yoga teachers.  Hisham also completed medical school in 2008 and practiced medicine a while before dedicating all his time to yoga.


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