BHAVAM nature, existence, ecstasy, intimate affection and love, devotional service
NAMAH “I bow down to” …”I offer my respect”

I am absolute existence
I am a field of all possibilities

Within each one of us lies energy as free as nature itself. A place that knows no pain, no disease, the abode of the ageless and eternal soul.
In this chant we are reminded, that if we want to transcend all our earthly limitations (jealousy, greed, anger, pain, violence…etc), we need to journey to this place if only briefly. Stepping daily into this realm of abundance, provides deep lasting transformation and healing to the soul. We become whole and unbound. We become as wild as the wind, as rooted as the tree, as brave as the lion, as free as the bird…we become existence.


2 thoughts on “CHANT OF THE WEEK / FEB 24 -14

  1. Where do you take all this inspiration and knowledge from.

    A religious organisation would send me as many readings as you do, I would probably feel envaded.

    I dont feel this with your posts, at all. Can accept them, think them through. That means that I never felt blamed, or fingerpointed as a wrongdoer. This is the key to reach people.

    I hope that my quite regular writings or feedbacks are not overwhelming. I write in a very spontaneous manner. So please, take that what makes sense and delete the nonsenses.

    I also often, almost each time question myself on why I do that. The truth is, and I am most probably not alone, that subjects you write about are obviously stirring up thought and questions in us.

    So if you get too many mails from your students, you can only blame yourself. Héhé.

    Enjoy the day A.

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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