bodyinmotionTIVRA SAMVEGANAM ASANAM / 1.21 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The highest yogic results will come quickly to those who practice asana intensely on a daily basis.

Weaved into the focus of the week which is tapas, (absolutely not to be confused with the Spanish appetizers) this chant reminds us that just like the locomotive needs the right amount of pressure in order to keep the train moving to destination, we need an enthusiastic energy to fuel our journey forward, upward and toward our goal, the goal of yoga. That energy which keeps bringing us back to the mat again and again and all over again, once again is known as tapas.

Tapas wakes me up in the early morning even if I haven’t slept enough so that I can meditate, Tapas puts me on a lengthy subway ride to go take a yoga class halfway across town, Tapas burns my cosmic knots and helps me get rid of patterns that are no longer serving me, Tapas reminds me of the important karmic imprint left from harming someone, Tapas gives me the energy to change myself and inspire others….Tapas fuels my spirit of inquiry, Tapas is my daily fix of I will do it no matter what and i will have fun doing it. Tapas propels me forward on the road to self discovery. Tapas is my mat, day in and day out.




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