Thursday May 1st is Labor Day in this part of the world. A tribute to all those who work hard and deserve to be celebrated for it. This year, we wanted to add a little spin of love by holding the BRAVE HEART YOGA event on that same day, rendering it about people who work hard at making a difference in the world. As yogis, we know there is absolutely no greater joy, nor greater reward than to give unconditionally and make someone else happy.

Let’s all worry less about the state of our own hearts and show concern for the heart of another. Looking within our own hearts individually, radiating and expanding the love that lies inside each one of us collectively, will go a long way and give to the weary and the sad hope that the world does hold people who actually care.

A child needs your support and love. By showing up, offering your breath, movements, intention and the drum of your very own heartbeat alongside many others, is the ultimate gesture of unconditional caring and giving. Buying a ticket for a great charity cause is an act of great generosity but showing up is what makes the difference. Tell everyone you know, bring your friends, your neighbors, your family and foes and let’s all come together under one sun.

Class will start with an introduction and welcoming talk followed by a gloriously indulgent Vinyasa flow practice mainly focused on heart openers** while grooving to the tunes of our smooth Yogi DJ Jana Saleh. If you were present at last year’s event, you know how brilliant she is in the way she springs her music on us.
A few restorative postures to ease into the end part of class before what I call “The desert of the yoga practice”; a well-deserved final relaxation (Savasana) sprinkled with one ultimate and last indulgence: A hot musical endeavor brought to you by Audio Visual artist Yann Charaoui and freakishly talented singer Aziza.
Heart-Candy that will make you melt into the earth.

** In this “all levels” class, you will explore precise alignment principles for opening your shoulders, upper back and heart. You will see the world in a new way as you improve your posture, expand your breathing capacity and connect to your center of compassion. Emotional pain shows up physically as hunched or rounded shoulders and a collapsed chest causing our hearts to harden. By practicing heart openers, you can naturally release these festering emotions and patterns and kiss them au revoir once and for all. As your shoulders move back, your heart opens into the world and you become a more compassionate being, ready to inspire, help and love others. Imagine a world where everyone led from the heart.

Danielle Abisaab

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