keyposealignment2SATURDAY MAY 10 / 10:00 AM  > 1:00 PM / LULIA TURK

In this workshop you will learn how to use the right muscles to create alignment and stability in the key yoga postures. Standing poses and arm strengthening poses will be looked at in detail and students will gain a deep insight into the anatomy and underlying patterns that cultivate a strong yoga practice. Suitable for all yoga practitioners.


luliaLULIA TURK is one of the most experienced yoga teachers in Lebanon. She has always been a yoga teacher and this is her 10th year now teaching. She has trained all over the world with re-known teachers. She is affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. She owns Breathe The Yoga Studio in Beirut and is Founder/President of the Yoga Federation of Lebanon. She will represent Lebanon at the International Yoga Championship in London 2014. She gives corporate seminars on yoga and well-being and recently launched the initiative to teach yoga at I.C school. Her teaching aims to awaken a deeper attention to the unconscious patterns mentally and physically. Her own daily practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa and her classes are strong and energizing.


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