rainbow stairsSATURDAY JULY 5 / 10:00 am to 12:00 pm / HANIA EL TAMER JIVAMUKTI NYC

Chakras or wheel of energy, also mean level of perception, they describe our relationships to our parents, employer, to our sexual partner, business partner, to living beings around us to our teachers and most important our relationship to the creator.
Although chakras are not part of the physical body they have reference points in our bodies. Vibrating their bija mantras and practicing the corresponding postures will allow the Prana or life force to flow without any blockages, leading us to a balanced state of being.

Please Join Hania El Tamer for a Jivamukti yoga journey through the seven chakras bringing balance, health and overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vitality into your life. Top it off with a beautiful
meditation making you glow and shine. Prepare to sweat and have fun!

REGISTER BY EMAILING union2yoga@hotmail.com

Hania was born and raised in Lebanon where she completed a PhD in Immunology at the American University of Beirut. She moved to New York in 1985. She was blessed when, in 1995, she discovered yoga and her life started changing and blossoming. Hania completed 800+ hours teaching certification through Jivamukti Teacher Training program. She is devoted to all the great teachers she trained with including David-ji, Sharon-ji, Yogeshwari, Jessica Kung, Lady Ruth, Narayani. In addition, she was incredibly fortunate to meet Gormukh and take the Khals prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with her.She then attended Level 2 Conscious Communication and then level 1Kundalini Teacher Training with Gurmukh, Gurushabd and Sat Sri Dougherty


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