sahar drumsDRUM MEDITATION COURSE / MONDAYS AUG 4 / 11 / 18 / 25  from 5:00 PM > 6:30 PM / SAHAR KHATIB / Register by sms 03 070 018

“Drumming may be the oldest form of active meditation known to humanity.”

Meditation is one of the many tools used to go inwards and still the mind, it’s one of the oldest techniques known to man and has been used and developed in many ways. There are walking meditations, where one becomes aware of every step, breathing meditations, using breathing techniques to still the mind, and even washing the dishes meditation, where one learns to observe the breath and thoughts while doing the dishes or any other activity throughout the day. Meditation allows one to reach a point of stillness in the mind, and in this stillness the body can finally reach a point of pure relaxation and serenity from the ongoing mind-chatter.

Drumming meditation has been used for centuries to guide us into the inner spiritual realms, into the deep layers or the mind and the soul. Everything is made up of vibration and frequencies, so everything is made up of audible or inaudible sounds. Drumming connects us straight to the heart; it is our first drum beat as we come into existence into the world, swimming in our mother’s wombs. The pulsations of the heart are connected with the drum as it brings us this security of being in the womb, and this is why researchers believe that we can easily access this state of mind by using drumming techniques that can slow down and stabilize not only our heart beat but also our mind-frequencies, and bodily functions.

In the beginning of the drum meditation session, one sets an intention, a situation, or any kind of question to delve into during the inner journey. With this in mind, the classes will be held once a week during August as a process of going deeper every time, soon enough one can observe external manifestations of their set intentions taking place or being resolved. Drum Meditation is one the most potent inner experiences as it allows us to to observe our minds, our inner realities and conversations.

You are welcome to drop in once or twice, but we highly recommend that you sign up for all 4 classes in order to benefit fully from the magic of drum meditation.

Sahar Katib received her yoga teacher’s certification from the Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India.
She has since been practicing and teaching Tantra Yoga in Beirut. She has been teaching children and adults of various ages, and enjoys teaching yoga in creative ways. Sahar is also a musician, playing drums and rhythms, exploring sound therapy, and uses music during the classes she guides. She also holds a Master Level Certificate in Reiki.


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