mounira bazzi workshopMASTER CLASS / SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd / 10:00 AM > 12:00 PM / MOUNIRA BAZZI

In this 120 minute Master class we will touch down on the Elements of Anusara Yoga
and what it means to ‘Open to Grace’.
What really happens to our physical body once we ‘Open to Grace’?
The 3 A’s which embody the foundation of Anusara Yoga and embody our Divine wiil (Iccha) , Divine Knowledge (Jnana) and Freedom of Action (kriya) will also be introduced,
in addition to a full asana practice .
This class is open to all levels.

Mounira is an Anusara Elements yoga teacher and an Ashtangi.
She is a dedicated student of Tara Judelle .
She has had the privilege of studying and practicing with many great teachers including Certified Mysore teachers Damien De Bastier,Nuno Vintem , Nick Evans to name a few.
She has attended immersions and workshops with Tim Feldman,Michael Hamilton,Nancy Gilgoff,Luke Jordan,Rusty Wells,Carlos Pomeda,Nanna Wagner and many more.
Mounira weaves her love for both Anusara and Ashtanga yoga into her uplifting and fun loving flows.
Mounira teaches for the sole purpose of creating community and up-lifting consciousness.
She currently lives in Belgium and teaches in her studio Living Yoga.


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