Dear yoginis and yogis,

I am writing these words from miles across the Atlantic Ocean wishing teleportation was my super power, so I could partake in the upcoming Beirut Yoga Festival, a unique adventure brought forward to the yoga community by the lovely Dalal Harb.

A few months back, when she approached me with the idea and asked if I would teach on that day, I was of course honored and touched by her generosity of spirit in considering me as one of the ten participating teachers, but I was also very disappointed as I knew yoga duties called back in NY at the same exact time. 

Dalal has kept me in the loop about the progress of her project and as we go through the weeks leading up to the event itself, I feel more and more proud of what she is undertaking and I hope you will make her endeavor in raising our consciousness your own, by carving out time to show up and breathe next to each other.

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you have probably experienced at one point that moment where union takes place and everything becomes integral; you feel as strong as you are relaxed, as light as you are grounded, the past and the future dissolve into the now and you know you are exactly where you need to be. The main reason for this powerful realization or feeling is the incomparable power of the breath itself. If you have never taken a yoga class, then September 20 becomes your golden opportunity to start turning your life around.

The breath is an extension of the spirit within me, trying to connect to the spirit within you, in a beautiful movement of energy as the very manifestation of life emanating from each and every one of us. The air I breathe is the same as the one you and the rest of the planet breathe. Doesn’t that make it enough to remind us we are all one?

If we individually fail at standing on our heads or swinging our leg behind our legs, but collectively succeed at shaping our community for the best in joining forces and breathing together, then we are moving in a true yogic spirit. This broken part of the world, needs your awesomeness, your dedication and your sweet contribution in uniting under one sun. Don’t miss out on a chance to be an instrument of change.

With love and compassion.

Danielle Abisaab


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