thai“When we massage, we don’t aim to heal, we aim to help others believe they can and will be healed”

After we got the sweet chance to Open the Gateways to Thai Yoga Massage at UNION SQUARE YOGA‘s 1st Anniversary recently, we got inspired to actually step into that realm with you and enjoy the dance together.

Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred communion between two people and a mean to feel supported and safe to “let go & release”.
This ancient Eastern healing technique combines wholesome manipulations to help loosen up the body and allow Prana (Life Giving Force) to flow freely with the least restrictions.

Learning the beautiful art of Thai massage is a lifetime journey with the focus on the heart. The actual learning of the technical aspect is the easiest part..

Now, the real deal. We are offering a “trilogy-like workshop”, that you can grab altogether or just drop-in one day. Who knows, we can always need a hand? 🙂 This is designed to allow you some time to practice on family / friends and we can always do a small wrap-up every time we meet.

Part 1: FRONT ROOTING / SUNDAY SEP 28 / 9:00 am > 4:00 pm
Feet and Legs (Sen or Energy lines 1 & 2, Double Leg & Single leg manipulations).
When: Sunday September 28 from 9am to 4pm (including lemon water, tea & snacks)

Part 2: BACK ROOTING / SUNDAY OCT 26 / 9:00 am > 4:00 pm
Back & Legs (Sen or Energy lines 3, Buttocks & Back)
When: Sunday October 26 from 9am to 3pm (including lemon water, tea & snacks)

Part 3: HAPPY ENDING / SUNDAY NOV 30 / 9:00 am > 4:00 pm
Shoulders, Neck, Head & Face.
When: Sunday November 30 from 9am to 2pm (including lemon water, tea & snacks).

We all know the drill, in Beirut by now: “Leaving it & Living the moment”, hence the use of calenders.. We do that too! 🙂 So, BOOKING & ATTENDING ALL-THREE PARTS will allow a discount of 10%, inquire by sending us an email on
We ask for you to Book & Pay at least 2 days (48 hrs prior to the day(s) you would like to take part in). This allows us to organize the space & check for availability Thank you!

– We will cover as much as we can flow on each Day/Workshop.
– Come with loose clothing and maybe an extra shirt. We will take care of loosening other expressions!

Maya’s first encounter to Thai Yoga Massage was receiving a treatment in India during her Yoga Teacher Training in July 2008. The depth of the work pulled her into going to one of the well known schools to take her first Thai Yoga Massage course early 2009. The practice initiated a journey that was integrated in her lifestyle and from then, she felt more and more self-compelled by the depth of this art.

In February 2014, her travels were about adding further experience to it from a therapeutic point of view. She stayed for more than a month learning and practicing with teachers that added their beautiful spirit and years of knowledge into the work. To her, Thai Massage is a sacred journey of ongoing discovery, being in each other’s presence with no judgment, sharing respect and gratitude to be allowed to give and receive.

After more than 10 years working in the TV production field, Eddy decided to pursue a path in the Sacred Dance of Thai Yoga Massage. Thus, he spent more than 6 months traveling, between Thailand and Laos, learning about this Sacred Dance, from several worldwide renowned teachers and pioneers. Since then, he has been practicing the Dance, in Lebanon, while spreading the “Metta”.



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