chaliceSATURDAY NOVEMBER 8 / 10:00 AM > 1:00 PM / MATHILDE JAZZAR / $ 40 / Register

This workshop is about exploring the pelvis, the seat of groundedness and sexuality. It is a body area surrounded by a battlefield of misconceptions and is often neglected or misused.
In Sanskrit the pelvis is called “Chalana” which literally means, “the cup which holds the sacred fluid”. It is from here that the word “Chalice” originated.

In this workshop, Mathilde will make you reconnect with the sacredness of your sacrum!

The practices taught will use the pelvis in a systematic, conscious, joyful and disciplined manner by using dynamic techniques to get over inhibition, Asana to strengthen and Pranayama to charge. You will also learn bandhas and mudras to energize the region as well as Kaya Kriya a very powerful technique that activates the lymphatic circulation (thus improving immune function) and works on releasing the 3 main blockages (granthis) in the energy body.

Mathilde started practicing Yoga and Spiritual techniques from books during her teenage. Holder of a Masters in Philosophy she has taught at the Grand Lycee Achrafieh where she realized that it was her Yogic knowledge that was being more useful to her students’ self-development. In 2012, she completed Yoga Point’s teacher training certification (Satyananda Yoga Lineage) before quitting her teaching job in 2013 and immersing herself fully in the teaching of Yoga. To that effect she has completed Ananda Ashram’s intensive 6 month residential teacher training in Pondicherry (Gitananda Yoga Lineage) one of the most important schools for the teaching of Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Kriya and Tantra Yoga. In addition to her Yoga background, she is also a certified Thai Healing Massage practitioner.

Mathilde’s classes are deep, with the asanas moving beyond the physical realm to focus on internal work, cleansing, pranayama and meditation. Furthermore her philosophy and school teaching background allow her to impart the wisdom of Yoga in clear and relevant ways.


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