thankyouIf we are able to imagine everyday what life would be like, if a pleasure we enjoy regularly or a person we love dearly was taken away from us, it would serve us as a potent reminder of how grateful we ought to be.
If we are able to recognize that we are part of a miraculous process; which is no other than LIFE itself, we would probably achieve greater happiness in our own little lives.
We are grand masters at taking life for granted, we walk around acting all immortal, wearing the I-can’t-see-the-miracle-of-life blinders, (which, by the way, deems us as the most arrogant specie on this planet)
This post is about remembering to put our hands together and just feel thankful. Thankful not just in regards to the good stuff, but for the worst possible things that may have happened to us or the meanest, most annoying and hurtful people who may have crossed our path.
The true practice of gratitude is in remembering that all that manifests in our life, all of it, is here to make us better, kinder, humbler and more resilient people.

**** Thank you Union Square Yogis for the support and the love. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and every one of you and anyone who comes across this post.


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