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The word “Acroyoga” comes from the Greek root “Akros = High” and the Sanskrit word “Yoga = Union”, Together they form “Acroyoga = High union”. From this place, many amazing physical shapes can be formed, and students literally and figuratively elevate each other. Our highest aim is to bring individuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the community. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, celebrated and shared for the benefit of all.

Acroyoga is a community based practice that encourages personal transformation. Acroyoga invites you to experience the full spectrum of your being through opportunities to: give and receive; support and be supported; experience strength and sensitivity. It is a systematic approach to health and healing designed to be accessible for every practitioner. The best part is that it’s fun to do and fun to watch. it brings people together the old fashioned way, through human connection, touch and play.
In terms of movements and style, Acroyoga is a bit like gymnastics, as you have one partner that acts as a base and the other who performs asanas with the support of the base partner. Acroyoga has been said to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual selves, through its 3 main components: First one is the Solar Acrobatic Practices, which works on trust, empowerment and joy; Lunar Healing Arts Practices, which cultivates listening, loving and letting go; and Yogic Practices, which does wonders for breath awareness, life balance and connection.

Acroyoga Lebanon and UNION SQUARE YOGA are proud to announce the launching of a 10 class series that will guarantee a profound progression into this divine practice.
The 10 class series will walk you throughout the basics of flying, basing, spotting (3 Acroyoga Roles) and most importantly the alphabet which our language i.e. communication rules guiding you to trust one another and grow together.
We will move up the ladder of difficulty with every class starting with static flying asanas leading to harder inverted flying postures and finally reaching dynamics within the flight itself, i.e. linking different postures to create a dynamic flying flow.
Every class will be a mix of yoga asana, solar & lunar Acroyoga practice.
Class 1-5, Students will work with same size partners and will be practicing both roles of flyer & base. Class 6-10, Students will develop specialty roles in either flyer or base and focus their growth on that role.
Students will be offered a booklet at the end of the class covering all what they were taught.

** Class 1
Introduction to Acroyoga (The Alphabet) / Solar Forward Flying level 1 / Lunar forward Flying level 1
** Class 2
Solar Backward Flying level 1 / Lunar Backward Flying level 1
** Class 3
Seated Flying + Handstand into postures / Lunar Forward Flying level 2
** Class 4
Bat Variations + Side Angled poses / Lunar Backward flying level 2
** Class 5
Star + Reverse Star + Cartwheel into postures / High flying whale level 1
** Class 6
Introduction to flying transitions + hand-balancing / Hammock
** Class 7
Intermediate Flying transitions / Low flying whale
** Class 8
Advanced Flying Transitions / Lunar Forward flying level 3
** Class 9
“Popping” / Lunar Backward Flying level 3
** Class 10
Expert Flying Transitions / High flying Whale level 3

Below are some examples of flying dynamic flow just like the ones we are going to learn.

Imagine, Love and Fly

ALI ISSA traveled to Dharamsala, Himalayas India for his yoga teacher training after only 2 years of practicing yoga. He then continued to Bali, Indonesia for his Acoryoga teacher training. Ali’s practice of yoga is very much tied to his passion for extreme sports as a national snowboarding champion and a dedicated surfer.



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