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Through a vinyasa sequence, warm up, sun salutations and warriors, we will begin to talk about and explore what systems in the body help with balance as well as prepare for a variety of balances challenges.
Balance is an essential part of our lives. Everything relies upon a base of support and a foundation to exist, grow and thrive. Too much stability and things get stagnant or restricted; too little and we can fly out of control feeling lost, anxious, stressed or worse. Our environment is constantly changing, therefore our orientation and attention to it demands awareness. In the physical sense, balance becomes even more important as we age, where the likelihood grows of losing some of our agility and bone mass. Falls become much more fatal in our final years and a need for proprioceptive ability increases. As beings with the love and interest in asana and yoga practice we will heighten the bodies awareness by experimenting with visual cues, some standing balances and an inversion, and using sensory feedback.

Barbi Tree PoseBarbi Powers
Barbi Powers grew up in Milwaukee, WI where she began training in gymnastics and ballet. Upon receiving placement and scholarships at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she obtained her BFA in dance she moved to New York. It was at NYU where Ms. Powers first grew to love yoga. Taking a required Anusara class from a former dancer and beautiful spirit, she knew right there and then that somehow yoga needed to be in her life. In between her years at Tisch Barbi enrolled at Om Yoga with Cyndi Lee and received certification as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Yoga has helped Barbi with injuries as she joined the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company dancing 40 hours a week, touring in Europe and the Continental US as well as performing with the rigors of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular as a Rockette. Yoga has also given her a place for spiritual practice as well as allowed her to deepen the exploration of the body, movement and mind combining things she loves with the wonderful opportunity to share and touch others in a real way. Barbi is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and personal trainer through the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM).



  1. Dani, where do you take all these artistic pictures from on your posts? Do you create them? Fotoshop?

    Great choices, inspiring, always.

    Be well Alex


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