SATURDAY MARCH 21 / 10:00 am > 1:00 pm / MARTINA ARGADA / Register by email

An ancient devotional dance also called the rhythmic side of Yoga. In this dance there is the combination of the movements of the body, of the hands, of the expression, of the face and the eyes together with a music accompaniment exalting the theme that the dance wants to describe; a theme which can have a religious, mythological, legendary character or one from the classic literature.

During the WORKSHOP you will be offered an introduction to the technique and the basic principles of Indian Classical dance with elements of rhythm and mime. We will warm up before learning some Adavu, the basic step of pure rhythmic dance, and some Mudra, hand gestures, in BharataNatyam style.
You will learn how the hand, face, body gestures and movements are used by the dancer to bring alive any poem, song or text.
You will also learn the Shlokam, that means “prayer”, on Shiva.

The workshop will conclude with a YOGA sequence.

Martina started training as a Classical Dancer at the early age of 6.
Then she continued her artistic studies with Maddalena Scardi in Travirovesce, Contemporary Dance Company:
In 2005, she attended various workshops in Indian classical dance, Bharata Natyam style, with Usha Ragavan ( and continued her studies for six years at Ragavan’s center Kalasagara in Rome.
From 2011 to 2013, she took classes with Indian Classical dancer Tiziana Leucci in Rome:
In 2013, she moved to India to pursue her studies with prestigious Indian teachers and choreographers.
She spent one year studying the Kuchipudi dance, another style of Indian Classic dance, at the famous Kerala Kalamandalam University for Art and Culture in Kerala ( with Indian Classical Dancer C.N.Raja Lakshmi.
Speaking of Martina, she said: “She has an exquisite Abhinaya” (Expressive techniques used to convey a theme, mood or idea. Etymologically it derives from Sanscrit abhi “towards” + ni “carry,” so literally “carry towards,” means the Art of Expression that lead the audience towards a sentiment, a Rasa).
She also developed her skills with Indian dancer Mary John Kalatharangini with whom she also did live performances in 2013:
In Dec. 2014 and Jan. 2015 she improved her Kuchipudi style with Vijayanthi Kashi, teacher, dancer and choreographer at the “Shambavi dance school” in Bangalore: The famous Kuchipudi exponent Vijayanthi Kashi said about her:
“She is talented…she spreads deep emotions which shine through her performances and reveals a grace and a refined harmony in her body movements”.


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