UNION SQUARE YOGA has got some cool news for you.

Every summer, as heats sets in, Danielle Abisaab transports one of her POP AND ROCK VINYASA** classes to the outdoors. This year, we are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to practice on our favorite rooftop in the city: Station Beirut

* DATES: Every Thursday from July 9 to July 30

* TIME: 6:30 pm > 8:00 pm

* REGISTRATION: sms 03 150 760 the day of class, as per following format: <jane doe 6:30 pm>
Auto registered students, just make sure to let us know if you cannot attend on that day.

* FEES 25.000 LP Drop in

* CLASS CARDS: If you are a student of Union Square Yoga and have a class card, make sure to bring it along. Same price policy as the one applied at the studio.

* MATS: we will have a few spare ones, but you are highly encouraged to bring your own

* AFTER CLASS: Extend your bliss, by chillin’ with us. Music, juices and drinks available after class.


A medley of various yoga methods (Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Ishta) providing a free flowing experience to the uplifting sounds of pop and rock. In this class you will move to the tunes of Radiohead, Iggy pop, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Angus and Julia Stone as well as your own inner tune. Leading to spiritual awareness, this vigorous physical and intellectual practice will leave you feeling like a yoga rock star and begging for some more.

Caters to students with a regular practice. Beginners are welcome provided they work at their own pace. Duration: 90 min

Danielle Abisaab is a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed her ISHTA NYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2003. She holds a certificate to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga since 2012 and has followed a restorative aerial yoga course with Anti-Gravity Yoga in 2012.

She is the founder of the funky Union Square Yoga in Beirut Lebanon, where she has been living since 2005. Her many years lived in NY have informed her personal life and yoga practice with depth and tremendous amounts of yoga knowledge. Constantly seeking for ways to improve her teaching skills, she travels regularly back to NYC to study with some of the hottest teachers in the US and has accumulated over 300 hours in continuing education over the course of the past 10 years.

Currently living in a challenging part of the world, she draws teachings from her everyday life as a way to grow spiritually. She strongly believes we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all one and therefore thanks her lovely students for being a great source of inspiration, they make the expansion of her spirit possible; they are her gurus. Her classes whether Vinyasa Pop and Rock, Vinyasa Honey flow or Aerial Yoga are infused with spirituality, laughter, fun and music.


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