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We are a culture obsessed with the concept of LOVE. We are all driven by it and innately feel the need to LOVE and BE LOVED. Although we all strive towards this ideal of love, our world as it is today, is crying out for it.

The heart is the middle of our chakra system and is perhaps the most significant chakra center as it attends to our need for unconditional love, joy, happiness, etc… It is the hardest chakra to pierce and is easily damaged, or shut down and/or wounded by life and relationship separations,grief, sorrows, and resentment. We often look for love to complete us – to fill a void within ourselves, to fill our need to overcome loneliness, solitude, lack of self-worth and lack of self-love.

Healing the heart is attending to the most vulnerable and sacred space within us. Our task is to heal the heart in order to shine and to create self-love in order to love from a more fulfilled and whole place within ourselves.

This chakra is linked to our relationship with the future. The more we can learn to let go of our past and open our hearts to what is out there for us, the more we are able to live newer and better experiences.

Through the heart, we are able to heal ourselves, others and the world around us. Through the heart, we can intuitively connect to our own sense of unconditional love, wisdom, compassion, and our love of life itself.

Choose Love. Be Love itself.


Carol Issa Karing Kaur is both a Jivamukti and Kundalini Yoga teacher, she was born and raised in Paris.

Yoga came into her life as a natural unfolding of her personal researches in Art, psychology, philosophy, martial arts, dance, music…
Carol has launched Jivamukti Yoga in Paris. She is extremely grateful to her beloved teachers and endless inspirations Sharon Gannon and David Life, and to her dear mentor and friend Narayani Nicole Nichols. Carol is serving as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training; and is also certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan.

Her classes are physically challenging, flowing into creative sequences and mentally and emotionally uplifting with great playlists. Carol teaches in many big Parisian studios as well workshops, events and retreats in Paris and abroad. She’s known for her open heart, sincerity and sense of humor.
New York Times : « One of my favorite classes is an energetic session with an infectiously joyful teacher named Carol. She leads the class in French — “Inspirez … expirez!” — but who, inevitably, trained in New York, cradle of Jivamukti. Yoga in France, at least the yoga I’ve found, is inescapably American. »


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