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Children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts just as we adults do, a dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can be incredibly valuable for them and will undoubtedly help them sail through the inevitable storms of life with more ease. Establishing a mind-body connection as they assume the poses, becoming aware of the breath, learning to concentrate, learning to act or react to situations at an early age are among the best gifts you can offer a child as it will yield to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness later in life, not to mention self-esteem and self-respect.
Need I specify you would also be doing the world a favor by shaping your offspring into a vehicle for kindness and compassion.


sahar photo
Sahar Katib received her yoga teacher’s certification from the Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India.
She has since been practicing and teaching Tantra Yoga in Beirut. She has been teaching children and adults of various ages, and enjoys teaching yoga in creative ways. Sahar is also a musician, playing drums and rhythms, exploring sound therapy, and uses music during the classes she guides. She also holds a Master Level Certificate in Reiki.


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