On October 1st, 2015, assisted by 17 of my awesome students, I had one additional chance to whirl 70 Syrian refugee kids into the wonders of yoga, a joint venture with Beyond Association

Two hours of fun, giggles and sheer playfulness, connecting to each other by means of the breath, movement of the body and beats of our drumming hearts.

We walked on each others belly to activate our core power, we stood on our heads to get a different perspective of the world, we walked on our hands because we are all monkeys at heart, we helped each other fly as a statement that we can still live unburdened by the weight of life, we danced to the rhythm of live music, we silently exchanged our dreams and perhaps contributed in co-creating through various artistic expressions a kinder world we all collectively long to see, and if only for a fleeting moment, we made each other feel we had reached home.

These are the mystical and magical delights that make my job the most gratifying job on earth and once again, I feel blessed for being so blessed and for the opportunity to give it all back.

Danielle Abisaab

Captured by rock star Patrick Baz

Massive love to Marco Bollinger Jodie Livingston Maya Zeidan Hini Zini Liane Sadderr Joanne Lawen Diane Lawen Sarah Chaoul Shibley Antoine Char Lynn Maalouf Cherine Khoury Sherine Moukarzel George Zouein Sahar K The Hilarious Project Sana Radi SOBEIRUT Leila Macaron Riad Jaber


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