I have always thought of teaching as an exchange between teachers and students rather than a set hierarchy between the ones who know more and the ones who are here to learn. I was taught by my teachers to be nothing more than an instrument of change and of the importance of stepping out of my own way for the teachings to be transmitted in their truest light.

Since I embarked on the yoga teaching path 12 years ago, I have taught close to two thousand classes in different shapes and forms. From pop and rock vinyasa classes, to honey flow vinyasa classes, aerial yoga classes, restorative classes, meditation classes, kids classes, corporate classes, one on one classes, I have taught workshops on alignment, back bending, forward bending, inversions, and chakra tuning and a bunch more.
There are times I may have showed up feeling sad or happy, tired or energized, anxious or calm, distracted or present, fearful or bold, and almost every time, I have miraculously managed to leave my shit at the door knowing I would eventually pick up a lighter baggage on my way out or no baggage at all.

To this very day, every class I teach holds the perfect space for self improvement and instills in me the desire to become a sharper tool with the function of sculpting yogic consciousness in others while remaining an avid and enthusiastic student of life, but most of all, every class I teach makes me want to give evermore, and I cannot thank my lovely and receptive students enough for allowing me to do just that. You guys make my job the funnest and most magical of them all.
Without you, it is just an empty room!

Captured by long time friend Patrick Baz at the Syrian Refugee school camps in the Bekaa Valley, during the Yoga and Music for Refugees event, a joint venture between Union Square Yoga and Beyond Association


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