SATURDAY APRIL 16 / 6:00 PM > 8:00 PM / $30 / Register

In today’s fast paced world, many of us have a hard time to relax. Many of us are aware that too much stress is not good… that it could lead to poor quality of sleep, shallow breathing, imbalanced eating habits, muscular tensions, inability to concentrate, racing thoughts; and still many are not able to relax.
Yoga offers many different tools for relaxation, one of them is YOGA NIDRA.
Yoga nidra is a systematic, simple method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
Nidra literally means sleep; during the practice, one appears to be asleep, but one remains aware because the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness.
Yoga nidra removes fatigue and invigorates the body.
The stresses and strains of daily life create tensions and these rob the mind of its serenity. Yoga nidra removes tensions and restores the elasticity of your mind.
Yoga Nidra is one of the main tools for the attainment of the yogic state of supreme peace and tranquility of mind.

The workshop starts with a short lecture about yoga nidra, followed by physical & breathing practices to induce calmness, followed by the full practice of yoga nidra.
It is open to everybody, whether you are a novice or an avid practitioner.
Wear warm clothes because during relaxation the body temperature drops a little. Have your last meal 3 hours before. And join us with an open heart and a smile.


Born in 1979 in Tannourine, North of Lebanon, Dalal is a journalist and a yoga teacher, and the founder of the Beirut Yoga Festival ( In November 2010, she became a Bikram Yoga certified Teacher in San Diego, California. Since then she has taught in San Diego, San Francisco, Paris, Dubai and Lebanon. In February 2016 she completed the 4-month course in Advanced Yogic Studies and Science at the Bihar School of Yoga, India which follows the Satyananda Tradition.


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