Dear Yoga fam,

Pardon the gentle hounding with reminders not to miss out on pure awesomeness. We just feel we have a responsibility to get as many of you to benefit from the sweet and auspicious things we are offering here at USQY.  Coming up, are two opportunities to keep moving forward and thrive in balance, even as some of the planets spin backwards.
Yes, we are into planets and stars and we may have included a little moon madness at the very end of this edition because we realize how easy it is to forget there is an ongoing soulful dance in the sky, until we are invited to grade, retrograde, rock, roll, move and shift as well. Stardust brothers and sisters, we all are indeed.

Back to our funky schedule.

The first exciting event we are thrilled to offer is the upcoming ON THE BALL * Massage Therapy Workshop with Canadian Yoga Teacher GALE EDISON.  We fully intend the pun when we say  you might want to look at it as a chance to get the ball rolling on self healing. This is taking place on Saturday April 30. Registration closes April 26. That’s in 5 days. TICK TOCK

Another event that will deconstruct almost everything you know about Yoga and bring a renewed sense of wonderment for the richness of this practice we are all fortunate to share, is KASHMIRI YOGA with Yoga Teacher (and multi-layered human being) RONY MECATTAF . Those of you who attended the workshop earlier this month, know exactly what we are talking about. This one goes down on Saturday May 7th.

Deets and more, all in here
In abundance.


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