DATE: Saturday June 4
TIME: 10:00 am > 12:00 pm
PRICE: $25
REGISTRATION: email only

At Union Square we believe that peace is the only way but if kind words, oms and smiles are not enough to wave off an aggressor what do we do? Apparently and sadly, more and more women and homosexual men are being attacked in Beirut. If you are a woman who lives alone and/or tends to walk around the city a lot, If you are a man who would like to learn ways to protect their woman in case of an attack or anyone with a super hero syndrome burning to kick some ass, come and learn a few techniques from a talented Martial Artist, that will intimidate your fiercest aggressors while keeping you safe.


Yann has been a martial artist for over 20 years and is familiar with many different disciplines; namely Kali Sikaran. His fighting skills mixed with a genuine concern for people’s safety constantly motivate him into transmitting techniques and tricks for everyone to benefit from. His talent lies in his ability to teach everyone to be “kindly and respectfully” fierce while having loads fun.


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