* TIME: 10:00 am > 5:00 PM
* PRICE: $ 50 per private class / $ 30 group vocal lesson
* REGISTER: Call Zena el Khalil on 03562259 or email

* TIME: 6:00 pm . 8:00 pm
* REGISTER: email

On FRIDAY JUNE 24th. Nāda Yoga workshop and concert at UNION SQUARE YOGA. Spreading the culture of peace through Rāga, Classical Hindustani music, cosmic vibrations and Sanskrit mantras.

Sudhanshu Sharma and his band will be visiting Lebanon from India, to conduct a series of workshops and concerts during and around International Day of Yoga, June 18-28, 2016.

On Friday June 24, Sudhanshu and his band will be at the studio to give workshops to be followed later by a concert in Northern Hindustani classical music and Kīrtan*

*Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting with roots going back many centuries in India. The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping and dancing. In its heartfelt expression Kirtan can induce profound states of meditation and bliss.

The following workshops are available for booking. Each session is 1 hour and will cost $80 per private lesson. Classes are available from 10am-5pm. Group vocal lesson is $30.

No previous experience needed!

* Private tabla lessons (all levels).
* Private harmonium lessons (all levels).
* Private vocal lesson: Meditative Toning, Sargam practice, basics of Rāga and/or Kīrtan. (All levels available, no previous singing experience required).
* Private mantra session : Introduction to Sanskrit, keys to correct pronunciation (Varṇa), tone (Svara), meter (Mātrā), guidance building/maintaining a Japa practice. For those who do not have a mantra practice, and request a mantra, one will be assigned and practiced during the session.
* Group vocal lesson (Rāga and/or Kīrtan).

Students who take the workshops will be encouraged to stay on for the evening concert to participate!

Concert begins at 6pm.

Sudhanshu Sharma is both a musician and Nāda Yoga instructor. Born into a family of music lovers Sharma was initiated into music when he was just eleven years old due to his natural ability to portray the most difficult of musical phrases with the utmost of ease. He earned a Gold Medal in his Post Graduate Music degree from the University of Delhi. Sharma was initiated into music by Guru Shri Lakheshwar Choudhary from Assam. Later he moved to Delhi to train under Pandit Baldev Raj Verma, the prime disciple of Pandit Amarnath and one of the torch bearers of the Indore style of singing popularized by the legendary Ustad Amir Khan Saheb. A recipient of the prestigious Tushar Memorial Gold Medal and Smt. V. Bani Bai Ram Memorial Medal in Music, he is an internationally respected Guru with students across the globe. He strongly believe that Art has the higher purpose of bringing hearts together and fostering better human relationships full of Peace and Love- both external and internal.


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