RONY MECATTAF / WEDNESDAY JULY 13 / 8:30 pm > 10:00 pm / Price $25 or scratch two classes off your pack / Register maysan.marouf@gmail.com

The age-old practice of Kashmiri Yoga is designed to return you to the heart of what is essential.

More than a path of Realization, Kashmiri Yoga is essentially a Celebration. Its practice finds its way in all ways of being, and highlights what stops us from living in harmony with the echo of freedom. The corporeal dimension is here mainly to show us the extent of our defenses, refusal and delaying. Only then can the asanas appear for what they are: a celebration and an intricate manifestation of energy. Discovery of breath through pranayama allows us to reflect Consciousness itself.

Kashmiri Yoga is rooted in the non-dualistic approach of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism.

The workshops are an opportunity to taste (or develop) a different approach to Yoga, not concerned with perfecting the technical skills as it is with understanding oneself, and savoring Life in the moment, whatever is present. They include instructions on poses, breathing and meditation, as well as a time for questions and sharing.



Rony is a Personal Development Catalyst: Gestalt-Therapist, Executive Coach and Discovery Travel Organizer. He is the founder of Echmoun Management (www.echmoun.com).

His Yoga approach draws upon his trainings in various Yoga modalities (Iyengar, Anusara, Vinyasa, Bikram), and – since 2008 – in the Kashmiri Yoga tradition as taught by Eric Baret. His practice is further enriched by an extensive training in Buddhist meditation techniques, Holotropic Breathwork® and Shamanic Guidance.

Rony is a member of several professional associations and international federations. He is involved in raising awareness on environmental issues, notably through the Awakening the Dreamer® Symposium. The proud father of two, Rony divides his time between Lebanon and France, when not roaming the globe.


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