* TIME: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
* PRICE: $30


Have you felt that your yoga practice is progressing but arm balances remain a something that you can’t quite do comfortably or comprehend? Do you feel your heart racing when the teacher calls out an arm balance or inversion you can’t do and you suddenly wish you stayed home?

This workshop is for you.
Designed for both: those new to arm balances and inversions and those wishing to learn new techniques in balancing, I aim to teach you that arm balances aren’t just about strong arms but more about learning to shift your weight, using your legs and pelvis and learning to engage your core so that your arms, while holding you, hold less of your body weight.

Whilst balancing on your arms requires upper body strength, endurance and breath awareness, it is often the understanding of alignment and body mechanics that becomes your best starting point towards mastering these challenging and empowering asanas.

We will practice a creative Vinyasa flow to warm the core, wrists and shoulders, then break down a few fun arm balances to make them accessible to everyone.
If you’re up for a challenge, lots of giggles, fun and mostly LOVE, then you simply must come and play!

Places are limited (we like the class to be spacious and plenty of room to play).

This is an open level workshop, everyone is welcome, even your granny 😉 (provided she has done some yoga before)… #letsbebadass


In 2006, I suffered a debilitating knee and shoulder injury caused by years of ice climbing and mountaineering. After a whole year of physiotherapy culminating in traditional medicine’s advise to operate, I decided to take matters into my own hand and opted to change my life instead of going under the knife.
I started to practise Sivananda yoga a few times a week, and soon after, I fell under its therapeutic spell. I didn’t understand the spiritual side of yoga at the time, but I felt a bizarrely mystic power which drew me to this ancient practise and I gradually immersed myself in its many schools. I practised Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

Eventually, my mat became my haven, my friend, and my safe place away from life’s chaos, not to mention the fact that my body was as good as new and my injuries were completely cured. But it was in this repetitive pattern of stillness and goodness that I started seeing more clearly, I start breathing more freely, and I learned to dedicate time for nurturing myself…This sense of peace and commitment carried through into other parts of my life and saw me through both joyous moments and dark times. Yoga gave me the fortitude and awareness to feel more empowered and less afraid and so in 2011 I decided to start my yoga teacher training journey with a trip to India. I travelled to Bangalore and met incredible yogis, and on my quest to get closer to the source of this intense spiritual practise, I discovered that the source was in fact ME!… I realised that there is no Yoga of the East or of the West, there is only One common experience: “A greater connection with yourself through a constant integration of body and mind”…After many long years of practise, I finally felt Yoga…

So I returned to the UK and embarked on an intensive teacher training program with the British Wheel of Yoga. The BWY is an alignment based school, focused on teaching the tradition’s philosophy with integrity and delving into the practise of Asana from an anatomical view point as well as a focus on alignment.
I will be an everlasting student and will continue to learn about myself and about Yoga every single day.
My wish is to share a mat with as many people as I can because I hope that when we go deep into our physical body and experience what wonders it is capable of, we go deeper into our mind and start seeing wonders in everything around us. We collectively spread the Yoga Love and create a wavelength of peace which will resonate deep within each and every one of us.


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