shakti flow

DATE: Tuesday Aug 23
TIME: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Union Square Yoga
PRICE: $ 25

Shakti yoga, is a combination of simple yoga to open up the meridians, alchemical breath sequence through the chakras, tantric breathing, womb and ovary meditation and breathing. This class works on the basics for Kundalini Dance and is a ‘women only’ class.
The purpose of this workshop is to clear women’s layers of shame, guilt and fear around their sensuality and sexuality, assist them in reclaiming their sexuality as their sacred birthright and bring them to the realization that our sensual pleasures are a gateway to the divine. Womb meditation and activation is a powerful tool to ignite and activate dormant potentials and seeds of our feminine essence, a much needed practice and awakening in this region of the world.




A former school teacher, I have chosen to fully dedicate my life as a devotee, with a passionate commitment, to serve in the awakening of the divine feminine within women and men. I aim to bring forth a unique sense of empowerment to women through tantric shamanic healing practices, Shakti yoga and alchemical dance journeys.

• Intuitive
• Encouraging leader
• Flexible instructor
• Life-long learner

Professional Courses and certifications
• Yogaworks 200-hours teacher training (Summer 2015)
• Level one Kundalini Dance facilitator Training (Bali)
• Ecstatically Awakening Women online course
• Sexual Soul Healing online course
• Embodying Erotic Divinity and Feminine Archetypes Online course
• Angels of Abundance online course with Doreen Virtue
• Ongoing 7 month personal development program as a continues part of the journey of Kundalini Dance training

• Organizing and hosting workshops, retreats and seminars on Energetic Science
December 2009 – December 2014
• Founder of ‘Unite in Consciousness’ Facebook group and independently hosting meditation circles
• Heartbeat Gym // Yoga Teacher


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