CEASE FIRE * An Autumnal Restorative Yoga Workshop with Anna Morozova


DATE: Saturday November 19
TIME: 5:00 pm > 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Union Square Yoga
PRICE: $30
REGISTER: union2yoga@hotmail.com

Autumn welcomes surrender. The cooler ambience of the air invites a reflective state of the mind and a relaxed state of the body. In the thick of Fall, this soothing Restorative practice is an antidote to the heated, outward-focused activities of the summer months and a remedy for the restless and weary. Slow down and go within. Restorative yoga postures will be held with support of props to create space, openness, and groundness. Contemplative music and aromatherapy blend will enhance your experience.



Anna has been practicing yoga for over 15 years exploring various yoga schools and traditions, from Jivamukti to Ashtanga, from Anusara to Kundalini, from Sivananda to Iyengar.
Her passion for the practice and love for movement led her to a vinyasa yoga teacher training program in New York, which she completed in 2009. She has been teaching ever since, guiding her students through challenges and joys of the practice for a higher sense of consciousness and freedom.
Anna is interested in strong and dynamic styles of yoga, but her own classes are a creative blend of dynamism, fluidity and softness.
Anna is a Thai massage practitioner and is certified through Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She also holds certifications in Restorative Yoga and Reiki.
Anna believes that a dynamic yoga practice is best complemented by a healing practice of Restorative and Yin Yoga, Thai and Reiki. The therapeutic benefits of these meditative practices are enormous as they bring not only relaxation and relief on the physical level, but also elevate perception of the subtle energies of the human body and of the universe.
Anna is a devoted student of holistic arts, and to further her knowledge, she takes part in continuing education workshops, conferences, and trainings around the world.
Originally from Russia, Anna lived in the United States prior to moving to Lebanon. She currently divides her time between Beirut, Moscow and New York.


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