Union Square Yoga has opened its doors  for meditation every Thursday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Our aim is to inspire you in building your own daily meditation practice, untangle yourself from the web of whirling mind stuff, and learn to drop into that place that knows. (not because it has more information, but simply because it knows), and we are thrilled about the increasing attendance over the past few months.


* Thursday February 2 / Chakra Tuning Meditation / Ana Larriu
* Thursday February 9 / Full Moon Meditation / Danielle Abisaab
* Thursday February 16 / Kirtan & Meditation / Bhakti Yoga Beirut
* Thursday February 23 / Kundalini Meditation / Carole Ammoun

Register by sending a text message on the day of +961 3 974 810 / Fee: Free / Donation based



The first thing that we’re doing when we meditate—is cultivating and nurturing steadfastness with ourselves. I was talking to someone about this once, and she asked, “Is this steadfastness sort of like loyalty? What are we being loyal to?”
Through meditation, we are developing a loyalty to ourselves. This steadfastness that we cultivate in meditation translates immediately into loyalty to one’s experience of life.
Steadfastness means that when you sit down to meditate and you allow yourself to experience what’s happening in that moment—which could be your mind going a hundred miles an hour, your body twitching, your head pounding, your heart full of fear, whatever comes up—you stay with the experience. That’s it. Sometimes you can sit there for an hour and it doesn’t get any better. Then you might say, “Bad meditation session. I just had a bad meditation session.” But the willingness to sit there for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, a half hour, an hour, however long you sat there—this is a compassionate gesture of developing loyalty or steadfastness to yourself.


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