DATE: Saturday April 29
TIME: 10:00 am > 12:00 pm
PRICE: $ 40

Acroyoga is a vibrant partner practice that unifies the healing art of yoga and the dynamic power of acrobatics. This workshop is an introduction to Acroyoga— perfect for the total beginner or for the seasoned acroyogi looking to refine their practice. Taught by Lara Feghali and Raja Sabra, the workshop will focus on a series of static poses and basic acrobatic transitions. The final portion of the workshop will end with guided Thai massage.
Although Acroyoga might look tricky, you will surprise yourself with this playful practice. You don’t need experience or a partner—just be ready to experience the pleasure of challenging yourself while laughing uncontrollably.


Lara Feghali is a Lebanese-American yoga teacher currently teaching in Los Angeles, California. After receiving her yoga teacher training in India, she has dedicated her time sharing the magic of yoga with others. When she discovered Acroyoga 3 years ago, she was hooked. Her classes incorporate the importance of trust, connection and childlike playfulness. Beyond the impressive postures, Lara trains her students to push past the mind and body’s limitations.

Raja Sabra received his Acroyoga teacher training in San Diego. Simply put, if Acroyoga were a woman, Raja would marry her. He has fallen in love with the practice and feels more passionate about it than anything he’s ever encountered. Acroyoga has helped him immensely with his OCD, anxiety, and depression. He wants to use it as a tool to spread happiness and joy among people no matter the age or size. Raja sees Acro as more related to the mind than to the body and physical strength. His classes incorporate humor into the practice as he finds comfort in laughter and believes it’s a way to get people closer, comfortable, and most importantly happy. He also loves puns, and when you hear them, YOGAna love them.


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