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DATE: Sunday May 7, 2017
TIME:: 5:00-8:00pm

Inviting in awareness, spaciousness and receptivity through practices encouraging communion with our bodies as part of the Earth.

Louise works intuitively with participants, assessing individual needs and suggesting modifications to practices as appropriate.
The session includes:
• Focusing on bringing ourselves in to the here and now and the intention of the workshop through guided meditation and visualisation
• Working with subtle energy through sound vibration and mantra chanting
• Bringing spaciousness and coherence to our whole being through physical movement; and,
• Deep relaxation to promote integration of the benefits of the session

This workshop guides you to a calm, centered, lightness of being embodying harmony and stability for your own and the greater good.

It is accessible for people with all levels of yoga experience and none!

*Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.


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Louise is an experienced and intuitive yoga teacher and therapist, energy and healing practitioner and sound worker. She has trained with traditional yoga teachers in India and the UK.
She is a Reiki healing master; and, practitioner of sacred sound and sacred geometry healing through Crescendo Reiki of Sacred Sound and Mexican Toltec initiations.
She is also delighted to be able to offer Access Consciousness Bars and Energetic Body Processes in 1-2-1 sessions. She is currently thoroughly enjoying the process of learning the art of Sound Weaving vibrational fields of new possibility for herself, others, the planet and the cosmos.
If you have specific issues of physical or mental health you would like to address; recognize mental/emotional behavioral patterns you would like to shift; are experiencing any type of blockage or difficulty in your own transformational journey; or, are simply curious, Louise is able to tailor make a private session to address your needs.

She is visiting Beirut from May 7 till May 11.

Private Sessions: 90 USD full price for 90 minutes
If you would like to book a private session, please contact us on 03-502123 to set up and confirm the timing.


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