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DATE: Thursday May 25
TIME: 8:30 pm > 9:30 pm
REGISTER: sms on the day of +961 3 974 810

“Whispers from the Heart of the Hollow Monk of Nothingness”
The Shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute that is used as a spiritual tool.
For this meditation, Kyle will be playing music from his upcoming CD entitled: “Whispers from the Heart of the Hollow Monk of Nothingness”.
This meditation music is the distant voice of unknown itinerant komuso – hollow monks of nothingness.
They were samurai who gave up their swords, taking up the Shakuhachi to spread peace through its sounds.
Here’s the sound of their whispering hearts.

kamal pic
Kyle Kamal Helou is a graduate of Villanova University, Pennsylvania, class of 1993, with a B.A. in Philosophy. He focused his studies on the Far Eastern philosophy of Zen, the essence of harmony. In 2000, he moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he apprenticed for 10 years and received his masters in both Shotokan Karate-Do and Shakuhachi, two very different Japanese traditional arts. Although differing in content, both arts emphasize the same methodology in learning the essential values for building a harmonious human character. He returned to Beirut in 2009, where he currently teaches both arts as a method for attaining inner peace. Area of Shakuhachi expertise: Kinko-ryu style and Watazumido Honkyoku style.

In 2013 Kamal founded Shinkukan (NGO) for the promotion of harmony, inner peace, and core moral values through Japanese traditional arts. Since then, Shinkukan has hosted annual events inviting instructors from Japan to teach their specialized arts in Lebanon.

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