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*** For all inquiries about our studio, events or collaboration, please contact our studio manager Maysan Marouf + 961 3 974 810




Instagram yoga_holic

Phone + 961 1 204 915

Address: 160 Achrafieh Street – Hakim Building – Facing Police Station / Semi Basement (map)



Danielle Abisaab + 961 3 150 760


Maysan Marouf + 961 3 974 810



Lama Khatib + 961 3 620 171 

Naqiya Ebrahim + 961 76 036 467

Cosima Bachle +961 79 144 482





14 thoughts on “Cont@ct

  1. Hello!
    So i’ve been doing power yoga for the last year intensively so i’m quite advanced now but i wanted to get further in my practice i wanted to make sure what are the classes that suits me and how can we pay per class or the whole month and how much

    • Hi Clara,
      Classes which you would enjoy I think would be the Pop and Rock Vinyasa on Mondays 7pm and Thursdays 6:30 pm. You can also try the Aerial Kick Yoga on Tuesdays at 6:00 it’s fun charged and very dynamic. Descriptions of classes are on the schedule page, if you scroll down they are listed one by one. There is no monthly subscription, we have drop in classes and packs of 10 or 5 classes. Aerial Yoga is different pricing as well. So please drop us an email on and we will include all the prices you need to know about in our email.
      Danielle at USQY

  2. Hi,
    I really want to start practicing YOGA, and I never found the convincing place to do it (or is it a pretext I am hiding behind). But I felt something contagious and inviting in your website….
    Is there room for beginners?
    Thanks for your reply.

    • Nada, thanks for the positive comments about the website. At USQY, we always consider ourselves beginners even after many years of practice, so a big yes to room for beginners. This is place mainly conceived for all to come together You might want to try out the Monday and Friday 9:00 am (The teacher is away so monday cancelled till end of march, Friday subbed by Danielle), Tuesday 8:00 pm with Layal / Wednesday 6:30 pm with Danielle / Thursday 7:30 am with Mrad / Sunday 6pm with Layal are all options suitable for you. Check the march schedule right here on the website and make sure to read through the registration guidelines. We hope you take the leap and we promise to be there to catch you.

  3. Dani, I’ve just returned to Lebanon after a six month absence. You and your wonderful yoga classes are what I missed the most. Looking forward to reuniting at Union Square this week! Namaste.

  4. Hello 🙂 I just started practicing yoga so i’m still a beginner. I am really interested in trying Aerial Yoga, but the beginner class in the morning is cancelled for now… Is the one in the evening too advanced for beginners? Thanks!

    • Hi, The aerial yoga Wednesday am is not cancelled. It was just cancelled this week as the teacher is abroad, but you are welcome to try it out as of next week, March 11. It is also OK for you to try the Tuesday evening class even though it is a bit more challenging.

  5. Hi, I had one question concerning “community class” on Thursday night ; I couldn’t fine in your website what is was ? I am totally beginner and I will be interested to come tonight (as this is apparently the only class for beginners) but I would like to know what’s about.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Hi, as I am a total beginner, I wanted to attend the class for beginner today “community class” but I was not able to find what it is on your website, can you explain me please ? Thanks a lot

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