1- Register to number of teacher associated with class. SMS ONLY,  Whatssap, e-mail or phone calls will not be recorded.
2- For am classes register the night before ONLY / For pm classes register the same day ONLY / All other timings will not be recorded.
3- Follow this format > John Doe 6pm <
4- Teachers Phone numbers on schedule page and all the way at the end of this page.
1- Regular weekly classes require registration by sms ONLY (see phone numbers associated with teachers on schedule page and all the way at the end of this page)
Sending your name and time of class you are attending will suffice. Please do not ask questions such as: can I come to class today? or is there a spot for me? You will not be answered simply because we cannot answer 30 people asking the same questions. Consider the affirmation of your name and the time of class you are attending as your registration EVEN IN THE CLOSE HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS.
You will receive a text back from us ONLY if there are no more spots available for you and you will be put on waiting list.
2- If class is packed you will be put on waiting list. Please be informed that the bulk of cancellations occurs in the few hours prior to class, stay hopeful and practice patience. So please no point in calling or inquiring whether there is a spot that has cleared, we are on top of it and will let you know as soon as something changes, if it does.
3- If already registered please make sure to un-register should you be prevented from attending at some point during the day so someone else can benefit from your spot. Sending a text will do.
Un-registrations are accepted up until 1.5 hours prior to class, after that time, one class will be scratched off your class card should you fail to un-register.
4- Auto Registration You have the option of going on auto registration which means you pick the classes you wish to attend on a weekly basis and notify the teacher about it. You will only need to text us if you cannot make it on that day or are traveling etc…
5- Special classes such as Workshops and events are announced by email typically 2 weeks in advance, Registration for these special events is by email.



Danielle Abisaab + 961 3 150 760 

Maysan Marouf + 961 3 974 810

Lama Khatib + 961 3 620 171 

Naqiya Ebrahim + 961 76 036 467

Cosima Bachle +961 79 144 482








102 thoughts on “REGISTRATION

  1. Hello,
    Some evening classes require a yoga experience, but the timing suits me because I have work in the mornings.
    Is it better if I don’t attend these classes knowing that I just decided to practice yoga? So I’m a real debutant?
    Thank you

      • Hi Samar,

        Saturday morning classes are not on the weekly schedule. They either come in the form of workshops or special classes and are announced by email generally a week or two in advance.
        I will put you on USY’s mailing list if you wish to be notified of these events.
        Let me know if you are OK with this.

  2. Hello,
    I had quite a detailed tour on the website but I couldn’t find anything about registration fees, may be I missed it… Will you give me more details please.
    Can we pay per session? How much is the session?
    If I have never been to your studio, can I just send an SMS to the instructor and then pay before class?

  3. Dear Dani
    I am interested in attending the Tuesday, Aerial Kick, classes 6-7.30pm on a regular basis.
    Please let me know if I can register on a monthly basis and what the fees would be.
    Any chances Yogathy classes would be available in the evening? I would also be interested to attend on a regular basis.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for your interest in Union Square Yoga. Your wish is about to come true as we are adding an evening Yogathy class as of Friday January 10th 6:30 pm. Please forward your email address so you can be notified of any changes and additions in the future.
      Regarding the Aerial Kick class, unfortunately there are no auto-registrations or what you call regular basis…It is a first come first served basis, so registration occurs as per guidelines, same day for evening, the night before for morning classes. If there are no more spots for you, I offer a guaranteed spot the following week. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair amount of hammock as spots are limited. That being said, some students have managed to have a very regular practice and take class often two weeks in a row. I am currently away and will resume teaching as of January 6. First Aerial Kick class is January 7th. Hope you can fly with us.

  4. I would like to register. I want to assist for the first time to the course of Friday at 9:00 am. What will I do? Shall I just send a message to the trainer saying my name and time wished to assist to the course? Thank you for replying

  5. Hello,
    If it is the first time visiting the studio, i.e. my first class, do I just register as per the guidelines? Also, can you please send me information regarding the class fees?
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Helo,
    I will be spending July in Lebanon and I thought it would be interesting to join some classes during this month. So is it enough to send an sms for registering earlier ?
    Can I also have infos about the prices please ?

    About workshops is it open for everyone and how can we be informed about them ?
    Thank you.


    • Hi Maria,
      Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed of all changes in schedules and upcoming workshops. You can do it right here through our website, scroll down on the main page and click on receive. Regarding registration, please read through our registration guidelines and follow through on the instruction. We look forward to having you breathe or fly with us.

  7. Hello,
    Please send me details about registration fees, first time registration, etc…
    and in case i need more info, can i reply to the mail or should i post here again?
    thank you,

  8. Hello,
    I just recently grew interested in yoga. I am a beginner. What classes are best for me? Also, could you inform me of the fees per session?

  9. Hi, am interested to attend an evening session. As haven’t done it before, are there specific evening classes (days) that I shouldn’t attend? And can I have an idea about the fees?
    Thank you 🙂

  10. Hello. I would like to attend your classes. I understood I have to send a msg to the instructor prior to each class to reserve my spot. Are there registration packages or is it a “per class” deal? I have never been to USQY before. Can I just walk in to class (after sending a msg) or do I have to somehow register before? Thank you.

  11. Hello I am also interested in joining your yoga classes.
    could you please send me all the details (registration, fees …).


  12. Hey!
    I’d really like to try the aerial yoga but i don’t have any yoga experience and i can only attend afternoon classes would the aerial kick be too hard for me?
    And can you please send me the class fees?

    Thank you!

  13. Hi, can i have the details concerning fees?
    and preferrably by session and monthly/ weekly, whatever system works with you guys 🙂

    Plus one more thing, class recommendations for amateurs and people who have done Yoga not more than 10 times.

    Thank you.

  14. Thank you for your interest in Union Square Yoga. please find all info (including prices) about our studio on the following link.

    We look forward to having you breathe and move with us on the mat or in a hammock.

    Classes suitable for beginners: Tuesday 8 pm / Wednesday 6:30 pm / Thursday 8:30 pm / Friday 9:00 am / Friday 6:30 pm / Sunday 7:00 pm

  15. Hi,
    I would like to know the registartion fees for the airalyoga and if there is any trial sessions.
    Waiting your reply,


  16. Hello,
    I would like to attend a class with Danielle Abisaab. The main page says classes are available Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings, but there are other days mentioned next to her phone number on this page. Do these also apply? Mondays at 7 pm are more convenient for me..

    I would also like to know more about the registration fees.

    Very excited to try this! I have been practicing Hatha yoga on and off for a year now, but I’ve never heard of this!

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Nour,
      The Tuesday om and the Wednesday am are Aerial Yoga with Danielle, whereas the Monday 7pm class you are referring to is Pop and Rock Vinyasa, a dynamic form of yoga set to some funky tunes, as music is a big part of her classes. You can red more on the description of classes in the classes section right here on our website.
      We hope to have you breathe, move and fly with us soon.

  17. Hello again,

    I would like to check whether there will be regular classes next week, regardless of the Eid holidays (Wednesday and Thursday in particular). It is a great chance for me to try the morning Wednesday Aerial Yoga class with Danielle as I will have no work on that day.

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Hi Nour,
    Yes all classes will be running as per regular schedule, aside from the Wednesday 10:00 am Aerial Kiss class It is momentarily suspended. We will have it back and running in the next month or so.
    Should you be interested in attending any of the other classes, please make sure to follow our registration guidelines, and we are excited to have you at Union Square very soon.

  19. Hello,

    One more question. I usually leave work at 5 from Adma and do not reach Beirut before 6. If I was about 10-15 minutes late for the Tuesday class, will I still be allowed to join?

    Thanks again,

  20. I would like to know about this Saturday’s Yoga Nidra session with Dalal at 6pm. Do I need to register and how? And how much will it cost? Thank you.

  21. Hello
    I stopped practicing yoga 3 years back. Can you please advise which class to attend. And I couldn’t find anything about registration fees, may be I missed it… Will you give me more details please.

    • Hi Aline, Sorry for the late reply. We are glad you are envisaging getting on the mat again.

      Below is a quick link that will answer most of your questions.

      Better to start with slow flow classes, Tuesday 8pm with Layal / Wednesday 6:30 pm with Danielle / Wednesday 8:30 pm with Tracy / Thursday 8:30 pm with Lama / Sunday 7pm with Maysan

      We look forward to having you breathe and move with us on the mat or in a hammock.

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