UNCOVER YOUR WARRIOR HEART – A heart opening and back bending Forrest Yoga Workshop / Sabrina Jacobs (UK)

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Date: Saturday March 17
Time: 10:00 am > 12:00 pm
Price: $35
Register: maysan.marouf@gmail.com

The essential things in life are not seen with the eyes, but with the heart (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince)

Join me for this 2-hour long Forrest yoga workshop and gently peel away the layers that shield your heart. Lengthen chest muscles, strengthen the thoracic spine; cultivate empathy and (self) compassion, lift your mood, sweat and have fun !

Opening the heart has physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. On an anatomical level, working long hours on a laptop or computer in a somewhat hunched posture creates an imbalance between the muscles in the chest (that are shortened) and their antagonists in the upper back (that are over-stretched). By correcting this asymmetry, we can prevent or reduce physical ailments such as lower back pain, short breath or problems with digestion. But there is a feedback mechanism at work as well through which improved posture and especially opening the front of the body can help with confidence, anxiety even depression.

We will start our journey with meditation and pranayama to centre and direct energy into the heart area. An intelligent Forrest yoga sequence will then lead us through core work for a strong foundation, heat-creating suns and baby backbends to warm up before safely diving into deeper layers. Holding poses for longer periods will facilitate exploring your individual edge and shift emotions held in muscle and fascia. We will unwind gently from the stronger backbends before finishing with yoga nidra in Sivasana.

BIO Sabrina Anna Jacobs


Certified Forrest Yoga teacher; RYT 200 (Chicago 2015)
Forrest yoga CET with guardian Sandra Robinson (London 2016)
Forrest yoga mentorship with guardian Sandra Robinson (Peterborough current)

I first came across yoga in 2005 whilst working in finance in Singapore. Initially mostly attracted to the physical practice that helped me cope with sitting in front of a computer all day, I quickly realized that there were much wider benefits: Yoga and various related practices offered new avenues to deal with the repercussions of childhood trauma: depression, anxiety, eating disorders. Over the course of the following 10 years I explored various yoga styles being based in Singapore, Sydney and London. I developed a regular meditation practice following the teachings of Jack Kornfield and in 2014 completed a program in mindfulness-based stress reduction (developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn) with the London Meditation Institute.

Back in London a friend introduced me to Forrest yoga in early 2015, and by my second class I was in love. For me the Forrest practice (called after its creatrix Ana Forrest) combines everything I want from yoga: The focus on releasing neck and shoulder areas (the tenseness in my shoulders had meanwhile advanced to a chronic state), going into deeper layers of fascia by holding poses for longer periods, the emphasis on breath, core work and connection with Spirit, the delicious assists!

At that time, I felt I needed a professional change as well. After 15 years in banking I called it a day and started my own trading business that provides me the flexibility to teach yoga part-time and to explore deeper into the mind-body connection. I joined the foundation training with Ana Forrest in Chicago in the autumn of 2015.

Currently I run two weekly Forrest classes in London, assist Forrest workshops and teach privates. It’s my aim to play my part in Ana’s vision of ‘mending the hoop of the people’: to reach many more beings with the healing powers of yoga. I have just embarked on the year-long mentorship program with Forrest guardian Sandra Robinson (Peterborough) to continue to grow and develop my skills – technically and emotionally.



beforexmas final

DATE: Saturday December 16
TIME: 5:00 PM > 7:00 PM
TEACHER: Danielle Abisaab
LIVE PIANO: Jana Saleh
PRICE: $ 35
REGISTER: maysan.marouf@gmail.com / SPOTS ARE LIMITED

I think we are all going to agree right now that when the month of December shows up, we cringe just thinking about the amounts of stress it brings with it. What is designed to be a jolly season in essence about love, family and quality time spent together, turns out to be all about sleeping less, eating more, going broke and moving miles away from our center. I call it the Nightmare before Christmas.

Luckily, we were given a few yoga tools to overcome the moments of our lives where we may fall prey to our emotional stress.
Come and explore some principles that will allow you to ride this time of the year with ease and peace. Two week prior to Christmas, right about the time the nightmare starts to reach its peak, I will be holding a CANDLE-LIT-SLOW-FLOW-RESTORATIVE-SPECIAL-YOGA-CLASS-WITH -LIVE-PIANO- AND-POETRY-READING for all the frantic souls out there in need of a serious break away from the maddening crowds. Christmas carols overdose, shopping sprees and food comas don’t have to be the underlying theme of your holiday season.

In the meantime, whatever pushes your buttons or overwhelms you, your task is to remind yourself that it’s all going to be OK. Let “it’s all going to be OK” become your mantra as of now.

See you on the flip side of craze and daze.

Danielle Abisaab

Thai Yoga Massage beginner workshop * Cosima Bachle



DATE: Saturday December 9
TIME: 5 pm > 8:00 pm
PRICE: $35
REGISTER: maysan.marouf@gmail.com

Union Square Yoga is happy to bring you the fabulous Cosima Julia Bachle, for a 3 hrs workshop to learn about & explore the power of conscious touch and traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Healing practices that might alleviate the madness of December in Beirut city.

In this workshop, you will get a playful introduction to traditional Thai Massage, a healing practice that has been passed on and developed for thousands of years. Thai Massage works with the physical body, including skin, fascia, muscles and bones, as well as on an energetic level, orientating around the traditional system of Nadis (energy lines) identified in the human body.

In these 2.5 hours together, we will start with some simple and playful exercises to both ground ourselves and connect with each other, followed by led Thai Massage exercises, accessible for all. Each participant will get to give and receive the techniques. By the end of this workshop, you will have an embodied understanding of what traditional Thai Massage can be like, and give a short massage to a friend!

This workshop is for everyone who is interested in the art of healing touch and learning together in an open and loving environment. You can come alone or in a couple/group.

Cosima is a bodyworker, practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage and Jivamukti yoga. She has completed the 300h Thai Massage Circus training, following the lineage of OsteoThai (a fusion of traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathy) and the Sunshine Network, a school bringing the oldest Thai Massage teachings alive and making them accessible for modern-day students.
Cosima was born in Vienna, but has lived nomadically for the past 11 years. She has conciously practiced bodywork practices for over 6 years and teaching workshops for about the same length.
To see more about what Cosima does, visit www.breatheandplay.com.

– Please make sure to sign up beforehand by sending an email to the above email address.
– Wear comfortable clothes (think yoga/gym clothes)
– If you like to personalize your Massage Mat, bring a sarong/sheet (Thai Massage is practiced on a mat on the floor, so you will use your cloth as a cover, if you wish. There will be )
– Make sure you feel as good in your body as you can anad avoid eating a big meal 2-3 hours before the workshop.
– No partner needed to join

We hope to see you for 3 hours of connection, fun, relaxation, release and learning in an open-heart space at the beautiful Union Square Yoga.

Any questions? Write to bachlerjulia@gmail.com

Reiki Initiation- Level I Shoden * Carole Jalkh Hayek



DATE: Saturday November 25 – 2017
TIME: From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
PRICE: $200 including documents
REGISTRATION AND INFO: maysan.marouf@gmailcom / carolehayek961@gmail.com
LOCATION: Union Square Yoga – Achrafieh 160 Achrafieh Street – Hakim Building – Facing Police Station / Semi Basement (union Square Yoga Beirut on google maps)

DESCRIPTION: Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Reiki practitioners use a technique called hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is allegedly transferred through the palms of the practitioner to his body or to the patient (Reiki level II) in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.
In this class of Reiki level I, you will be attuned to connect to the Bio energy, and you will learn, practice and discover Reiki. Everything is ready for you to enjoy the present moment whilst you practice and learn tools that will improve your daily life.

What is Reiki / History / The first Reiki Masters
Subtle Anatomy – Chakras
Reiki Rituals
Yoga class – balancing chakras
5 principles
Reiki Attunements (1st level)
Reiki practices

Dedicated to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle, she continued and complemented her first education of biology, with other certifications related to well-being coaching, among which we mention the following:




THE MECHANICS OF CHANGE * DANIELLE ABISAAB (LEBANON) / A two parts Workshop at Inspire Yoga Pilates and Fitness – DUBAI.

Sometimes, the work that needs to be done to make the necessary changes in our lives is to actually give ourselves the space to do nothing at all, and allow our creative flow to breathe, so we can take the only and most essential action of letting go.
In these two parts workshops, we will take the time to explore themes such as the past and the future through back bending and gentle forward bending vinyasa sequences. Swinging back and forth on the pendulum between rigorous and relaxing practices, will carve out the space you need to let go of what is no longer serving your higher purpose, in order to receive new insights, new ideas, and create the space for positive change to take place.
* You can attend one of both workshops, or indulge in both for a complete experience.

DATE AND TIME Friday October 27 / 1:00 pm > 3:00 pm
PRICE 150.00 AED per single workshop / 260.00 AED for the two workshops

LOCATION Inspire Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studio
Unit 102 and 103 Indigo Central 8, Al Manara
Dubai 211605
P: 04-321-9771
E: customercare@inspiremeyoga.net

This workshop offers a platform to explore backbends asanas through the multilayered facets of the yoga practice, establish a strong foundation to operate from a place of openness in our every day life, and access one’s limitless capacity for compassion. We will look at these principles (and many more) through the lens of the physical, the energetic as well as the emotional and spiritual layers of being.
A rigorous asana practice peppered with invaluable technical tips and deep spiritual exercises, might just allow you to take a meaningful step towards a brighter and lighter future.

DATE AND TIME Friday October 27 / 4:00 pm > 6:00 pm
PRICE: 150,00 AED per single workshop / 260,00 AED for the two workshops

LOCATION Inspire Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studio
Unit 102 and 103 Indigo Central 8, Al Manara
Dubai 211605
P: 04-321-9771
E: customercare@inspiremeyoga.net

Forward bending is the most ingrained of all movements (much more so than back bending), and even though it is a prevalent action in our lives, we rarely take note of it until we step on the mat and start to encounter resistance in the body. Tightness in the hamstrings or hips, sensitivity in the lower back, not to mention negative emotions that arise seemingly out of the blues, are all manifestations of something deeper than the mere inflexibility of muscles and joints. This workshop provides a golden opportunity to fully integrate the essential understanding that the restrictions in our physicality, are relics of an unresolved past, and most often than not, originate in our minds.


Danielle Abisaab is a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed her Yoga Teacher training with ISHTA NYC in 2003. She holds a certificate to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga since 2012 and has followed a restorative aerial yoga course with Anti-Gravity Yoga in 2012.

She is the founder of the funky Union Square Yoga in Beirut Lebanon, where she has been living since 2005. Her many years lived in NY working as an architect, have informed her personal life and yoga practice with depth and tremendous amounts of yoga knowledge. Constantly seeking ways to improve her teaching skills, she travels regularly back to NYC to study with some of the most influential teachers in the US, and has accumulated over 400 hours in continuing education over the course of the past 14 years.

Switching back and forth between her hardhat and her yoga leggings, has allowed her to harness a full understanding of the concept of space. The Yoga platform allows her to help people refurbish their inner space and the Architecture background allows her to design external spaces with positive energy and kindness in mind.

Currently living in a challenging part of the world, she draws teachings from her everyday life as a way to keep growing spiritually. She strongly believes we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all one, and feels consistently grateful to her students for being a great source of inspiration, they make the expansion of her spirit possible; they are her gurus.
Her overall mission whether rooting down or lifting off, is to inspire confidence and self-acceptance through caring and compassionate teaching methods, to create a safe and nurturing environment dedicated to helping each student find personal success in their yoga practice and realizing their true Self by incorporating the rigorous flowing poses of Vinyasa yoga along with the careful alignment method of Hatha yoga. Her challenging classes are a medley of various yoga methods (Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Ishta) providing a free flowing experience to the uplifting sounds of pop and rock. Her classes seamlessly incorporate asana, pranayama, meditation, spiritual talks, and chanting, allowing the student the experience of yoga as a holistic discipline. She does all that never forgetting to inject humor and love in the mix.

Aside from running her own studio in Beirut city and teaching a number of yoga classes, she has chosen Instagram as a social media platform to convey her passion for writing and photography, and has been featured in many articles as one of the most influential yogis on Instagram. Her most important endeavor however, has been teaching yoga to Syrian Refugee kids in Lebanon. She is the creator of an artistic exchange program, which brings yoga, music and arts to these kids, providing them with an opportunity to heal and integrate the magic of oneness through creative expression.
Danielle’s wildest dream and hope is for every human on this planet to discover the magic of yoga one day, and remember that they are whole.

Website: usyoga.wordpress.com
Instagram: @yoga_holic
Facebook: @Yoga Holic (Danielle Abisaab)


healing art of yogaI am beyond honored to be leading a two hours yoga workshop (details below), in the context of Zena El Khalil’s phenomenal solo exhibition at Beit Beirut in Sodeco.
“Sacred Catastrophe: Healing Lebanon” opens Sep 18, and runs 40 days up until Oct 27. Please go, be many, and prepare to drop your jaw in awe of Zena’s artistic and healing expressions. A plethora of interesting workshops and talks are calling your name too.

* DATE: Saturday Oct 14 –

* TIME: 11:00 am > 1:00 pm.

* LOCATION: BEIT BEIRUT – SODECO (click on link)

* REGISTER danielle_abisaab@hotmail.com



Yoga and its companion practices constitute a healing art. They restore internal balance, reunite us with our inner goals, connect us to a higher power, and offer a wide variety of techniques to help us regain an innate sense of hope and optimism.

In this two hours workshop, we will explore essential strategies that are meant to lead us from stress and suffering to healing, and from healing to the higher paths of yoga. Learn to align yourself with healing forces and make healing a conscious aspect of life.

Only when we are individually able to heal ourselves, can we hope to heal the collective.

Everything starts with one.


Cosima Ardha Matsyandrasana


TIME: 5:00 pm > 7:00 pm
PRICE: $30
REGISTER: maysan.marouf@gmail.com

Dive into 2 hours of relaxation and release. Explore your muscles, fascia and bones and cultivate awareness to listen better to the needs of your unique body.

Maybe you now that feeling of pain in your lower back, your knees, or a shoulder? Or you just feel something in your body is out of balance. Or maybe it’s your mind that’s full with busy thoughts. In any way, this Yin & (self-) Thai Massage class can be a wonderful opportunity for you:
In these two hours, your mind can take a break, so you can tune in with a deeper sense of body and soul and follow an internal journey.

Taking a yin approach, we will dive deep into each pose, letting the body move and do it’s thing – without our sympathetic nervous system interfering. To support, we will use traditional Thai Massage principles on our own bodies.
Thai Massage emerged around the same time as yoga, ca. 2500 years ago. It’s ancient traditions and healing techniques have been passed down ever since, and are incredible tools to nurture and heal ourselves.
From my own experience and trainings, combining a soft yoga asana approach and Thai Massage feels natural. They are, in a nutshell, the same thing: Healing techniques. Techniques to feel more. To be with ourselves purely.

Join for this 2 hour workshop to breathe, relax and find space. The perfect start for a well-deserved weekend. Come and explore tools to feel your body more.


Cosima spent the past 11 years as a gypsy, floating around the globe, with her mat on her back. She explored yoga classes of different styles with countless teachers and until she fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga while doing her masters in Stockholm. She is an epidemiologist with a focus on preventative medicinga and completed her Jivamukti TT and Thai Yoga Massage formation in 2015. Now, Cosima travels between India, Thailand and Europe, sharing the practices she loves.