THE MECHANICS OF CHANGE * DANIELLE ABISAAB (LEBANON) / A two parts Workshop at Inspire Yoga Pilates and Fitness – DUBAI.

Sometimes, the work that needs to be done to make the necessary changes in our lives is to actually give ourselves the space to do nothing at all, and allow our creative flow to breathe, so we can take the only and most essential action of letting go.
In these two parts workshops, we will take the time to explore themes such as the past and the future through back bending and gentle forward bending vinyasa sequences. Swinging back and forth on the pendulum between rigorous and relaxing practices, will carve out the space you need to let go of what is no longer serving your higher purpose, in order to receive new insights, new ideas, and create the space for positive change to take place.
* You can attend one of both workshops, or indulge in both for a complete experience.

DATE AND TIME Friday October 27 / 1:00 pm > 3:00 pm
PRICE 150.00 AED per single workshop / 260.00 AED for the two workshops

LOCATION Inspire Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studio
Unit 102 and 103 Indigo Central 8, Al Manara
Dubai 211605
P: 04-321-9771

This workshop offers a platform to explore backbends asanas through the multilayered facets of the yoga practice, establish a strong foundation to operate from a place of openness in our every day life, and access one’s limitless capacity for compassion. We will look at these principles (and many more) through the lens of the physical, the energetic as well as the emotional and spiritual layers of being.
A rigorous asana practice peppered with invaluable technical tips and deep spiritual exercises, might just allow you to take a meaningful step towards a brighter and lighter future.

DATE AND TIME Friday October 27 / 4:00 pm > 6:00 pm
PRICE: 150,00 AED per single workshop / 260,00 AED for the two workshops

LOCATION Inspire Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studio
Unit 102 and 103 Indigo Central 8, Al Manara
Dubai 211605
P: 04-321-9771

Forward bending is the most ingrained of all movements (much more so than back bending), and even though it is a prevalent action in our lives, we rarely take note of it until we step on the mat and start to encounter resistance in the body. Tightness in the hamstrings or hips, sensitivity in the lower back, not to mention negative emotions that arise seemingly out of the blues, are all manifestations of something deeper than the mere inflexibility of muscles and joints. This workshop provides a golden opportunity to fully integrate the essential understanding that the restrictions in our physicality, are relics of an unresolved past, and most often than not, originate in our minds.


Danielle Abisaab is a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed her Yoga Teacher training with ISHTA NYC in 2003. She holds a certificate to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga since 2012 and has followed a restorative aerial yoga course with Anti-Gravity Yoga in 2012.

She is the founder of the funky Union Square Yoga in Beirut Lebanon, where she has been living since 2005. Her many years lived in NY working as an architect, have informed her personal life and yoga practice with depth and tremendous amounts of yoga knowledge. Constantly seeking ways to improve her teaching skills, she travels regularly back to NYC to study with some of the most influential teachers in the US, and has accumulated over 400 hours in continuing education over the course of the past 14 years.

Switching back and forth between her hardhat and her yoga leggings, has allowed her to harness a full understanding of the concept of space. The Yoga platform allows her to help people refurbish their inner space and the Architecture background allows her to design external spaces with positive energy and kindness in mind.

Currently living in a challenging part of the world, she draws teachings from her everyday life as a way to keep growing spiritually. She strongly believes we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all one, and feels consistently grateful to her students for being a great source of inspiration, they make the expansion of her spirit possible; they are her gurus.
Her overall mission whether rooting down or lifting off, is to inspire confidence and self-acceptance through caring and compassionate teaching methods, to create a safe and nurturing environment dedicated to helping each student find personal success in their yoga practice and realizing their true Self by incorporating the rigorous flowing poses of Vinyasa yoga along with the careful alignment method of Hatha yoga. Her challenging classes are a medley of various yoga methods (Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Ishta) providing a free flowing experience to the uplifting sounds of pop and rock. Her classes seamlessly incorporate asana, pranayama, meditation, spiritual talks, and chanting, allowing the student the experience of yoga as a holistic discipline. She does all that never forgetting to inject humor and love in the mix.

Aside from running her own studio in Beirut city and teaching a number of yoga classes, she has chosen Instagram as a social media platform to convey her passion for writing and photography, and has been featured in many articles as one of the most influential yogis on Instagram. Her most important endeavor however, has been teaching yoga to Syrian Refugee kids in Lebanon. She is the creator of an artistic exchange program, which brings yoga, music and arts to these kids, providing them with an opportunity to heal and integrate the magic of oneness through creative expression.
Danielle’s wildest dream and hope is for every human on this planet to discover the magic of yoga one day, and remember that they are whole.

Instagram: @yoga_holic
Facebook: @Yoga Holic (Danielle Abisaab)



healing art of yogaI am beyond honored to be leading a two hours yoga workshop (details below), in the context of Zena El Khalil’s phenomenal solo exhibition at Beit Beirut in Sodeco.
“Sacred Catastrophe: Healing Lebanon” opens Sep 18, and runs 40 days up until Oct 27. Please go, be many, and prepare to drop your jaw in awe of Zena’s artistic and healing expressions. A plethora of interesting workshops and talks are calling your name too.

* DATE: Saturday Oct 14 –

* TIME: 11:00 am > 1:00 pm.

* LOCATION: BEIT BEIRUT – SODECO (click on link)




Yoga and its companion practices constitute a healing art. They restore internal balance, reunite us with our inner goals, connect us to a higher power, and offer a wide variety of techniques to help us regain an innate sense of hope and optimism.

In this two hours workshop, we will explore essential strategies that are meant to lead us from stress and suffering to healing, and from healing to the higher paths of yoga. Learn to align yourself with healing forces and make healing a conscious aspect of life.

Only when we are individually able to heal ourselves, can we hope to heal the collective.

Everything starts with one.


Cosima Ardha Matsyandrasana


TIME: 5:00 pm > 7:00 pm
PRICE: $30

Dive into 2 hours of relaxation and release. Explore your muscles, fascia and bones and cultivate awareness to listen better to the needs of your unique body.

Maybe you now that feeling of pain in your lower back, your knees, or a shoulder? Or you just feel something in your body is out of balance. Or maybe it’s your mind that’s full with busy thoughts. In any way, this Yin & (self-) Thai Massage class can be a wonderful opportunity for you:
In these two hours, your mind can take a break, so you can tune in with a deeper sense of body and soul and follow an internal journey.

Taking a yin approach, we will dive deep into each pose, letting the body move and do it’s thing – without our sympathetic nervous system interfering. To support, we will use traditional Thai Massage principles on our own bodies.
Thai Massage emerged around the same time as yoga, ca. 2500 years ago. It’s ancient traditions and healing techniques have been passed down ever since, and are incredible tools to nurture and heal ourselves.
From my own experience and trainings, combining a soft yoga asana approach and Thai Massage feels natural. They are, in a nutshell, the same thing: Healing techniques. Techniques to feel more. To be with ourselves purely.

Join for this 2 hour workshop to breathe, relax and find space. The perfect start for a well-deserved weekend. Come and explore tools to feel your body more.


Cosima spent the past 11 years as a gypsy, floating around the globe, with her mat on her back. She explored yoga classes of different styles with countless teachers and until she fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga while doing her masters in Stockholm. She is an epidemiologist with a focus on preventative medicinga and completed her Jivamukti TT and Thai Yoga Massage formation in 2015. Now, Cosima travels between India, Thailand and Europe, sharing the practices she loves.




TIME: 10:00 am > 12:00 pm
PRICE: $30

Being totally in tune with the body and flowing in a watery fluid manner is a spiritual dance. The yoga of spinal articulation, the Yoga of dance with abandon, the yoga of powerful transitions and arm balances, the yoga of mantras and mudras, the Yoga of saying “fuck it”, that’s my Yoga…it has taken me 10 years of daily practise to find my voice and I call it Freedom Vinyasa Yoga.

Come join me for a powerful Workshop that is all about freedom of movement. We will work hard on a muscular level, we will wake up the core and built that inner fire (Agni), we will move freely and with abandon and go upside down more than once. We will find inner space in fluid movement and articulation of the joints.
We will learn from each other, rub on one another (not in that way you perverts 😉 and walk away lighter and more empowered than ever.

I believe in the path of moderation, “al-wasatiyya”, with a strong focus on living a healthy and authentic life to inch closer to a peaceful way of being.
My workshops have a strong focus on drawing upon personal life experiences, the trials and tribulations of navigating this often complicated world, to help us expand our awareness and become less reactive to the world around us. these workshops empower people to rise above the pattern of negative thinking and take charge of their own happiness and their own lives.
My strong focus on body mechanics and alignment helps people get into poses that get the heart pumping and the exhilarate the senses, creating a fearless feeling of accomplishing anything. The breath and body movements are coupled together to create a sense of a choreographed dance. Expect laughter, moments of meditative silence, nuggets of stories from the Ramanaya, arm balances, inversions, all sprinkled with partner work to help the body get into asanas that would be tricky otherwise.


In 2006, I suffered a debilitating knee and shoulder injury caused by years of ice climbing and mountaineering. After a whole year of physiotherapy culminating in traditional medicine’s advise to operate, I decided to take matters into my own hand and opted to change my life instead of going under the knife.
I started to practise Sivananda yoga a few times a week, and soon after, I fell under its therapeutic spell. I didn’t understand the spiritual side of yoga at the time, but I felt a bizarrely mystic power which drew me to this ancient practise and I gradually immersed myself in its many schools. I practised Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

Eventually, my mat became my haven, my friend, and my safe place away from life’s chaos, not to mention the fact that my body was as good as new and my injuries were completely cured. But it was in this repetitive pattern of stillness and goodness that I started seeing more clearly, I start breathing more freely, and I learned to dedicate time for nurturing myself…This sense of peace and commitment carried through into other parts of my life and saw me through both joyous moments and dark times. Yoga gave me the fortitude and awareness to feel more empowered and less afraid and so in 2011 I decided to start my yoga teacher training journey with a trip to India. I travelled to Bangalore and met incredible yogis, and on my quest to get closer to the source of this intense spiritual practise, I discovered that the source was in fact ME!… I realised that there is no Yoga of the East or of the West, there is only One common experience: “A greater connection with yourself through a constant integration of body and mind”…After many long years of practise, I finally felt Yoga…

So I returned to the UK and embarked on an intensive teacher training program with the British Wheel of Yoga. The BWY is an alignment based school, focused on teaching the tradition’s philosophy with integrity and delving into the practise of Asana from an anatomical view point as well as a focus on alignment.
I will be an everlasting student and will continue to learn about myself and about Yoga every single day.
My wish is to share a mat with as many people as I can because I hope that when we go deep into our physical body and experience what wonders it is capable of, we go deeper into our mind and start seeing wonders in everything around us. We collectively spread the Yoga Love and create a wavelength of peace which will resonate deep within each and every one of us.


Urdhvamuka Shvanasan small.jpg

DATE: Tuesday September 19
TIME: 6:00 pm > 8:00 pm
PRICE: $25 or Scratch two classes from your pack

In this 2 hours Jivamukti inspired class, we will flow through a dynamic and playful sequence to open our bodies and breath in all directions.
Through mindful continuous connection of breath and movement, we can explore new depths of our hips and joints, while we are supported by music and our collective energy. We will play with forward- and backbends, practice standing poses as well as āsanas closer to the floor.
This workshop is aimed to offer you a well rounded-off practice to fire up your body, have fun and move towards deeper and more calming poses.
Everybody is welcome, yet at least some previous yoga asana experience is recommended for this workshop.


Cosima spent the past 11 years as a gypsy, floating around the globe, with her mat on her back. She explored yoga classes of different styles with countless teachers and until she fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga while doing her masters in Stockholm. In 2015 she completed her Jivamukti TT and Thai Yoga Massage formation. Now, Cosima travels between India, Thailand and Europe, sharing the practices she loves.



We are glad to inform you that Naqiya Ebrahim is back from her vacation and will be teaching her first class this coming Tuesday September 5 / 6:00 pm > 7:30 pm
To register, send a text message with your full name and time of class, on the day of: +961 76 036 467


A dynamic flowing experience that takes you through a modified Ashtanga series. Prepare to move and sweat during this vigorous physical practice where you’ll feel like you’ve truly earned the savasana at the end. Vinyasa Flow will leave you feeling uplifted, energized and floating for the rest of the evening. This class is open to all levels. Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for individual needs.

Caters to all levels.



Naqiya is a 200-hr, Yoga Alliance approved, registered yoga teacher. She trained in London with The Yoga People, specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa. It was amid a busy freelance London lifestyle that she realized how invaluable yoga was to keeping her physically and mentally on point. Having moved to Beirut in September 2016, she is eager to share her practice with others and bring calm to the chaos of this wonderful city. Find out more at




TIME: 10:00 am > 12:00 pm
PRICE: $30

This workshop is inspired by The Ashtanga Yoga Tradition, which is what my training is based in.
In this workshop we will be exploring the concept of floating or hovering.
Floating in the yoga practice is when you are able to stall or suspend your weight in the air while moving to and from postures like Chatturanga & jump throughs.
We will also be exploring the progressions of Chatturanga Dandasana, and arm balances like Crow, Crane & Lolasana in the form of Vinyasas or linked movements.
Meaning you will get to experiment with these individual postures but also connect and create a flow with them.

This workshop is beginner friendly but come with an open mind to explore new areas of your Yoga practice!

I look forward to sharing the science, art and healing of Yoga with you.


Baldeep is a first generation American, yet his parents are from Punjab, India. Growing up Baldeep’s first two languages learned were Punjabi and Hindi. In addition, the first culture he was brought up in was the Punjabi culture, a piece of the Indian culture. It can be said Baldeep had an early introduction to Yoga & Ayurveda since the culture of the entire India is permeated with these two ancient system.
Baldeep completed his Ashtanga Yoga 200 RYT Teacher training in December 2016 and has been teaching for 6-7 months now. Baldeep also is also a A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer since 2013